The Pursgloves of City of London - [LOND]

This is the area that the Romans first occupied in 1AD.  It is referred to as the "City" or the "Square Mile"  Around 47AD This was the roman town of Londinium and it was a key trading centre, something that has continued to the present day.  The City respects the boundaries of the Roman wall very closely and the original Roman bridge crossing the Thames was where the current London Bridge stands.
The City started as a main banking centre in the 16th century. by the 18th century, the City was only a small district in the ever expanding Greater London.

There are several churches within the City of London.  St Paul's Cathedral stands in the City. St Bartholomew the less is the Anglican church of St Bartholomew's hospital, within the hospital grounds.

Elizabeth Purseglove [1643] married Philip Moore on 31 Dec 1646 at St. Bartholomew the Less.



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