The Pursgloves of Hornsey, Middlesex - [HORM]

This parish is close to Hendon in the northern part of Greater London and was recorded in 1202.  It was most likely formed with the building of the church of St Mary in the 13th century.  The name is considered to come from the enclosure name of the local cheif, Haering's Hege - Hearings enclosure, later interpreted as Hornsey or Heringsey.

In 1867 This district was a London Borough.  At this time the village was growing very quickly with an influx of industrial workers.  It has since been incorporated into the London Borough of Harringay in 1965.

1873 London Electoral Register:
    34209  Pursglove  John  46 Cowper Road, Hornsey, Finsbury, Middlesex.

1878 London Electoral Register:
    5911  Pursglove  John  14 Ennis Road, Finsbury Park, Middlesex.
    5912  Pursglove  John  46 Cowper Road, Hornsey, Middlesex.

1891 Census: 46 Cowper Road, Hornsey, Middlesex
John Pursglove [2207], Head, Mar, 63, Cabinet Maker, born Scroby (Scrooby), Notts
Maria Pursglove [nee Rogers], Wife, Mar, 43, born Islington, London
Jessie Pursglove, Daur, S, 23, Dress Maker, born Islington, London
Harry Pursglove, Son, S, 20, Cabinet Maker, born Islington, London
Frank Pursglove, Son, S, 18, Cabinet Maker, born Islington, London
Marian Pursglove Daur, S, 14, born Islington, London
Kate Pursglove, Daur, S, 10, born Islington, London
Sidney Pursglove, Son, S, 6, born Islington, London
Wilfred Pursglove, Son, S, 4, born Islington, London
    John and Marian were married at Hackney on 1/9/1866

1901 Census: 46 Cowper Road, Stoke Newington, Hornsey, Middlesex
John Purseglove [2207], Head, Mar, 63,born Nottinghamshire
Marian Purseglove, Wife, Mar, 53, born Islington
Harry Pursglove, son, 30, born stoke Newington
Frank Pursglove, son, 28, born stoke Newington
Sidney Pursglove, son, 16, born stoke Newington
Wilfred Pursglove, son, 14, born stoke Newington

1911 London Electoral Register:
    1209  Pursglove  Marian  74 Cowper Road, Hornsey, Harringey.



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