The Pursgloves of Islington - [ISLT]

Located on the Great Northern Road from London, Islington developed along this trading route from the 14th century onwards.  St Mary's church dated from the 12th century, though the original building has been replaced.  St Andrews church is shown.

Islington was a market garden town in the 17th and 18th centuries, supplying London with vegetables and later poultry. By the 19th century a major housing development changed the nature of the town and displaced the agricultural economy further north.


1876 Marriage solomnized at St Barnabas Church in the Parish of St Lukes in the County of Middlesex

83 September
George Frederick Pursglove 46 widower Brewers servant 15 City Garden Place John Pursglove Schoolmaster
Annie Bowell 39 widow Launderess 38 Hanover Street George Freeman Farrier
  X the mark of George Frederick Pursglove
   Annie Bowell
Witness:  William Freeman
               Billie Freeman

Joseph Malpas Curate

1881 Census: 13 Clifton Terrace, Islington, London  (Film 1341056 PRO / RG11 piece 0259 Folio 79 Page 30)
John Pursgloves, Head, age 50, Married, Coal Porter, born Herstmonseaux, Sussex
Fanny Pursgloves, Wife, age 25, born Suffolk
Edward Pursgloves, son, age 17, Carpenter, born Islington
Fred Pursgloves, son, age 15, Fishmongers porter, born Islington
Lilley Pursgloves, daughter, age 4, born Islington
Jane Pursgloves, daughter, age 2, born Islington
John Pursgloves, son, age 2, born Islington

1881 Census: 12 Canal Street, Islington, London, Middlesex (RG11, piece 0271, folio 92, page 2)
George Pursglove [1735], head, married, 51, Brewers servant, born Sussex
Annie Pursglove, wife, married, 43, born Bedford
George Pursglove, son, 23, Brewers servant, born St Lukes, Middlesex
Frederick Pursglove, son, 18, General Labourer, born St Lukes, Middlesex
William Pursglove, son, 4, born Islington, Middlesex
Frederick Scopes, nephew, 18, General Labourer, born St Pancras, Middlesex
Florence Bowell, s/daur. 15, scholar, born Holborn, Middlesex
Eliza Bowell, s/daur. 14, scholar, born Islington, Middlesex

John William Pursglove [1898] married Ida Jane Clark at Islington in 1881
Reginald W Pursglove, bapt 21 Nov 1902 at Islington

1891 Census: 103 Mary Road, Islington (RG12, 147,47, 14, 104)
John Henry Pursglove, Head, married, 73, Coal Merchant, born Hebham, Suffolk
Fanny Pursglove, Wife, married, 32, born Hebham Suffolk
John William Pursglolve, Son, 10, Scholar, born Finsbury Park
Jane, Pursglove, Daur, 8, Scholar, born Finsbury Park
Daisy, Pursglove, Daur, 3, born Finsbury Park
   3 families were living in this house, presumed divided into flats.

1891 Census: 103 Mary Road, Islington (RG12, 147,47, 14, 105)
Frederick Purseglove [1920], Head, married, 25, Postman CWM, born Islington
Hannah Purseglove, Wife, married, 26, born Holborn
Charles Pratt, Boarder, single, 22, born Holborn
   3 families were living in this house, presumed divided into flats.

1901 Census: 8 Everleigh Street, Islington, London (Flats) (RG13, 116, 92, 52, 413)
Frederick Pursglove [1920], Head, Married, 35, Post Office Sorter, worker, born St Lukes, London
Hannah Pursglove, Wife, Married, 36, born Heath, Hertfordshire

Reginald W Pursglove [1927] married Lily Phoebe West on 24 Nov 1921 at Islington Registry Office.
John Henry W Pursglove, bapt 26 Mar 1924 at Islington

John Henry W Pursglove [2573] married Joyce Miriam Goodwin on 24 Mar 1951
Debbie Pursglove




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