The Pursgloves of Lambeth - [LAMB]

The Old English name of Lambehitha means place of lambs.  This was a port on the Thames recorded in 1062 as used for the import and export of lambs and sheep.

Lambeth Palace is located across the River from Westminster Palace.  In the 1750's, the opening of the major bridges at Westminster, Blackfriars and Vauxhall was accompanied with the draining of the surrounding marshland and Lambeth was developed along the new roadways.  By 1889, Lambeth had become part of the City of London.

The former church of St Mary is now the Lambeth Garden Museum.

John Lambert Purslove [1637] married Clarender Bone on 1 Jan 1824 at Stepney, St Dunstan
John Lambert Purslove, son of John Lambert and Clarinda Purslove, baptized 26 Dec 1824 at Lambeth, St. Mary.

Hannah Purslove, daughter of John [1638] and Jane Purslove, baptizd 26 Dec 1824 at Lambeth, St. Mary.

William Purseglove, son of Fransis Purseglove [1678] and Hannah Mills, baptized 12 Dec 1824 at Lambeth, Renfrew Road Workhouse.

Jane Purseglove [1676] married Edward Welch on 18 Aug 1872 at Lambeth, St John the Evangelist.




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