The Pursgloves of Paddington - [PADD]

Padington was an ancient village consumed by the expansion of the City of Westminster.  Reference was first made to this community in 1056.

Paddington is the railway terminus for the West of England.  St Mary's Hospital was established in 1845 and has been significant in world wide medical research.
St Mary's Church and St James's Church are the main churches in Paddington.  Holy Trinity Church was closed in 1971 and demolished by 1980.

Charlotte Emily Purseglove, daughter of William [1467] and Charlotte, baptized 25 Jul 1858 at Paddington, Holy Trinity.
William John Purseglove, son of William and Charlotte Puresglove, baptized 25 Jul 1858 at Paddington, Holy Trinity.

Walter Pursglove [146] married Grace Elizabeth Twigg on 31 July 1875 at St Martins, Kentish Town, Camden

1881 Census: 59 Thorngate Road, Paddington, London (RG11, piece 0011, piece 30, page 7)
Walter Pursglove, head, married, 31, draper, born Ashford, Derbyshire
Grace E. Pursglove, wife, 29, born Ashford, Derbyshire
Walter T. Pursglove, son, 4, born Paddington, London
Edward Pursglove, nephew, 16, scholar, born Ashford, Derbyshire
   The family moved to Hammersmith



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