The Pursgloves of Shoreditch - [SHRD]

The original name of Soersditch probably referred to a drain into the River Thames, possibly to drain the boggy area at the course of the River Walbrook.  In the 12th Century, Shoreditch parish was situated around the church of St Leonards.
The first purpose built theatre in England was built here in 1576 by James Burbage.

In the 17th century a key industry was textiles and silk weaving, by the 18th century the focus was on furniture making.

Edward Parsglove, son of Frederick [1625] and Ann Parsglove, baptized 3 Jan 1801 at  St. Leonards Church

George Pursglove [1735] married Hannah Scopes on 28 May 1854 at St John the Baptist Church

William Pursglove [1738] married Emma Wells on 8 Aug 1858 at Shoreditch, St John the Baptist Church

Edward Pursglove [1737] married Charlotte Hook on 18 Sep 1859 at Shoreditch, St. John the Baptist Church

Frederick William Pursglove [1843] of Islington, married Nannette Phillipa Baker at Shoreditch on 1 Sep1885

1901 Census Strays: 17 Cardiff Road, Newport, Monmouthshire (RG13, 4957, 161, 14, 64)
Alfred Degardins, Head, Married, 58, Vice Consul for France, Home, French Subject
Madalina Degardines, Wife, Married, 55, born London, England
Alfred H Degardines, Son, Single, 22, Commercial Clerk, Worker, born Germany, French Subject
Herbert H Pursglove [1981], Nephew, Single, 10, born London
    Herbert Henry Pursglove was the son of Frederick William Pursglove and Nanetta Phillipa Baker

1901 Census Srays: 12 Gallet Street, Hackney (Flats) (RG13, 222, 42, 34, 240)
George Pursglove [1902], Head, Married, 45, Tank Cleaner, worker, born Shoreditch, London
Elizabeth Pursglove, Wife, Married, 41, born Shoreditch, London
Florence Pursglove, Daur, 17, Boat Fetler, worker, born Shoreditch, London
George Pursglove, Son, 14, born Shoreditch, London
Walter Pursglove, Son, 12, born Shoreditch, London
Maud Pursglove, Daur, 9, born Shoreditch, London

1911 Census: 48 St Johns Road, Hoxton North (RG14, 1135, 1, 14, 215)
Frederick William Pursglove [1843], Head, 57, Married, Bricklayer Labourer - Builders, worker, born St Lukes, London
Nanette Pursglove, Wife, 55, Married 25 years, None, at home, born Middlesex
Alfred Willson Pursglove, Son, 21, Single, Carman, Sutton & Co Carriers, born Haggerston
Herbert Henry Pursglove, Son, 20, Single, Porter,Boots Cash Chemist, born Haggerston

1911 Census: 16 Regina Rd, Finsbury Park, Tollington Park N (RG14, 830, 10, 10, 142  )
Frederick Pursglove [1920], Head, 45, married, Post Office Sorter, worker, born St Lukes, London
Hannah Pursglove, Wife, 47, born Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire



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