The Pursgloves of Middleton by Youlgreave - [MBYY]

Middleton by Youlgreave was a small agricultural hamlet above Bradford Dale and the River Bradford.

The village was rebuilt in the 1820's by the architect Thomas Bateman, and the present houses and small church date from that time.  The church of St Michael and All Angels was unused for many years and was restored in 1989.  It is now used for a Sunday service on the first Sunday of the month.

John Pursglove [2155], Farmer
Ann Daffin, Wife, married 15 July 1771 at Youlgreave All Saints
John Pursglove
Joseph Pursglove
Thomas Pursglove
Henry Pursglove, married Martha Smedley
William Pursglove
Mary Pursglove

Henry Pursglove [2160] (1779-1857) of Youlgreave married Martha Smedley (1782-1826) at Parwich on 16/12/1806
Witnessed by Henry Pursglove of Purwich (sic).
Ann Pursglove born 18 Jan 1807
John Purslove, son of Henry and Martha, bapt. 1/1/1809, Known as Joseph, died 4 Apr 1831
Henry Pursglove, born 1810
Francis Pursglove, born  1812, married Mary Woodcock 30 Oct 1839 at Youlgreave, then Hannah Marsden in 1847
Mary Purseglove, daughter of Henry and Martha, bapt. 20/2/1814
Sarah Purseglove, daughter of Henry and Martha, bapt. 10/3/1816
Hannah Purseglove, daughter of Henry and Martha, bapt. 10/1/1819
John Pursglove, born 1820, married Sarah Marsden
William Pursglove, born 1823, married Ann Holland

Rushden Low Cottage
Solomon Woodcock, born about 1789 at Middleton, Farmer at Rushden Low Cottage
Mary Woodcock, Farmers wife, born Mary Buxton about 1791
Solomon and Mary's Daughter, Mary, married Francis Pursglove [2166] in 1839

Cottage House, Middleton by Youlgreave, Bakewell, Derbyshire
Francis Pursglove [2166],  Sawyer
Mary Woodcock, First Wife, married 30 Oct 1839 at Youlgreave
John Pursglove
Henry Pursglove
Hannah Marsden [2188], Second Wife
Mary Pursglove
Martha Pursglove
Ann Pursglove

Cottage, Main Road, Middleton by Youlgreave
John Pursglove
[2175], Farmer of 39 acres, born Middleton
Sarah Marsden, Wife
Joseph Pursglove
Henry Pursglove
William Pursglove
Mary Pursglove
John Pursglove

Cottage House, Middleton by Youlgreave
William Pursglove [2177], Sawyer
Ann Holland, Wife
William Pursglove
John Henry Pursglove

Woodside, Middleton by Youlgreave
John Pursglove [2148]
, Farmer, born Woodside
Mary Rowlands, Wife, born Youlgreave
Francis Pursglove
Joseph Pursglove
Mary Pursglove
Edward Pursglove
James Pursglove
Thomas Pursglove
Arthur William Pursglove

Farm House, Middleton by Youlgreave
William Pursglove [2177], Farmer of 30 acres, born Middleton
Ann Holland, wife, born Youlgreave
John Henry Pursglove
William Pursglove, born in 1851 at Middleton, married Maria Bonsall of Monyash in 1872

Cottage, Middleton by Youlgreave
William Pursglove [2187], Gamekeeper, son of William Pursglove, Farmer
Maria Bonsall, daughter of Peter Bonsall of Monyash.
  Williams father, William came to live here after his retirement.

Cottage, Middleton by Youlgreave
Edwin Pursglove [2134], Agricultural Labourer, born Middleton by Youlgreave
Caroline Derbyshire, Wife, born Wensley, Derbyshire
Fred Pursglove
Charlie Pursglove
Harold Pursglove
Bernard Pursglove
Ronald Pursglove
Edwin Pursglove
Doris Pursglove

Middleton by Youlgreave
William Pursglove [2181]
, Agricultural Worker, born Middleton
Martha Minnie ?, Wife, born Middleton
Martha Pursglove
Wilfred Hadfield Pursglove
Arnold Pursglove
Olive May Pursglove

1871 Census: Middleton & Smerrill, 3 Farm House
William Bowman, Head, Mar, 47, Farmer of 292 acres employing 5 labourers, born Summithill Bakewell
Elizabeth Bowman, Wife, Mar, 46, Farmers wife, born Nottingham Notts
Maria Bowman, Daur, Unm, 19, Single woman, born OneAsh Derbys
Ellen Bowman, Daur, Unm, 16, Single woman, born Nottingham Notts
Ada Miriam Bowman, Daur, Unm, 3, born Middleton
John Henry Bowman, Son, Unm, 8, Scholar, born Nottingham
Ann White, Visitor, Unm, 38, Seemstress, born Nottingham
Mary Mellor, Servant, Unm, 33, Dairy Maid, born Sheen Staffs
Henry Pursglove, Servant, Unm, 22, Groom and Cowman, born Middleton

1886 Bakewell Polling District, Middleton and Smerrill Voters
Old Qualification

427 Pursglove John, Middleton
428 Pursglove John, Middleton
429 Pursglove William, Middleton
New 12 Qualifications
238 Pursglove Francis, Middleton

1901 Census: Middleton, 51, Middleton
One of William Marsden's children is called John Pursglove Masden.

Main Street, Middleton by Youlgreave
John Pursglove, Farm Worker, born Middleton
Alice Pursglove, Wife, born Middleton
Elizabeth Alice Pursglove
Sarah Pursglove
Nelson Pursglove

1901 Census: Middleton, Bakewell (RG11, 3264, , 8, 33)
John Henry Pursglove, Head, 55, Grain Agent, born Middleton by Youlgreave
Elizabeth Pursglove, Wife, 52, born Hints Staffs
John Holland Pursglove, Son, 23, Grain Agent, born Middleton by Youlgreave
Wilson Pursglove, Son, 20, Groom, born Middleton by Youlgreave

1901 Census: Middleton, Bakewell (RG11, 3264, ,8,32)
Edwin Pursglove, Head, Married, 32, Drayman Teamaker, born Middleton, Derbys
Caroline Pursglove, Wife, Married, 36, born Wensley, Derbys
Fred Pursglove, Son, Single, 10, born Middleton, Derbyshire
Charlie Pursglove, Son, Single, 7, born Middleton, Derbyshire
Harold Pursglove, Son, Single, 3, born Middleton, Derbyshire
Bernard Pursglove, Son, Single, 6 mths, born Middleton, Derbyshire

1901 Census: Middleton, 47, Middleton
James Baldwin, Head, Mar, 46, Blacksmith, born Ross, Herefordshire
Susan Baldwin, Wife, Mar, 45, born Youlgreave
Elizabeth Margaret Baldwin, Daur, Single, General servant (domestic), born Middleton
Mary Ann Pursglove, visitor, Single, 1, born Middleton

London Probate 14 Sep 1939: Arthur William Pursglove of Rose Cottage, Middleton near Youlgreave, Derbyshire, died 2 July 1938.  To Thomas Pursglove, Farm Labourer, Effects 98 10s.

London Probate 26 Sep 1958: Jessie Pursglove of Green Farm, Middleton by Youlgreave, Derbyshire, died 18 March 1958.  To Nelson Pursglove, Farmer, Effects 402 14s. 4d.

London Probate 10 Feb 1966: William Henry Pursglove of Green Farm, Middleton by Youlgreave, Derbyshire died 16 Dec 1965 at the Royal Hospital, Sheffield.  To Margaret Pursglove and Alice Twyford, married women, 11124.



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