The Pursgloves of Alfreton - [ALFR]

Alfreton was founded as a Norman manor by King Alfred.  It is situated in the Amber Valley in North East Derbyshire with historical associations to Swanwick, Somercotes, Ironville and Riddings.  The church of St Martin of Tours dates from the 12th Century.

A market town developed on agriculture in the middle ages became more prosperous with the discovery of coal and iron ore in the 17th century. in the 18th century, Alfreton had a turnpike road connecting it to the local centres of Derby, Nottingham, Mansfield and Chesterfield.  It is now on a number of main road routes and is close to the M1 motorway.


John Burke, A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 4), London, H. Colburn, Page 235
EYRE, OF RAMPTON: Carnthwaite, in Derbyshire. (Carnfield Hall, Alfreton)
Lucy, m. to Humphrey Stafford, esq. of Eyam, in Derbyshire. He wedded, secondly, Alice, daughter of Robert Pursglove, and had by her one son, Robert.

William Purseglove [574] married Grace Simpson on 10/8/1782
witnessed by William Simpson
John Pursglove, son of William Pursglove, bapt.26/11/1784 (born 22/11/1784)
  John married Hannah Storer on 17/7/1809
Deborah Pursglove
    Deborah Pursglove married Henry Williamson by license on 10/10/1802
Ann Pursglove
   Ann Pursglove married Joseph Siddons on 14/3/1803

John Pursglove [549] married Hannah Storer on 17/7/1809
Mary Pursglove (bapt. 30/12/1810)
Ann Pursglove (bapt.19/11/1812)
Betty Pursglove, daughter of John and Ann, bapt. 19/11/1812
Sally Pursglove (bapt.5/12/1813)
Elizabeth Pursglove (bapt.25/7/1819)
William Pursglove (bapt.7/3/1824)
Samuel Pursglove (bapt.3/2/1827)

William Porsglove [842] of Alfreton married Rachel Stone of Wirksworth on 25/2/1811 at Wirksworth
William Pursglove bapt. 17/6/1812 at Alfreton

Hannah Pursglove, daughter of David and Sarah, bapt. 9/8/1812
Thomas Pursglove, son of David and Sarah, bapt. 14/7/1816

John Pursglove, Labourer, theft n/s Gaol - 1 month, ( House of Correction, Chesterfield) Wirksworth Quarter Sessions 1813

Elizabeth Pursglove [565] married James Taylor Smith on 31/5/1814
Note: this entry from the IGI is incorrect. See Elizabeth Pursglove [575] married 31/5/1841

William Purseglove [567] married Mary Bower on 20/9/1824
witnessed by William Bower

David Pursglove, son of David and Sarah, bapt. 30/9/1824

Mary Pursglove [570] married John Kirry on 19/3/1831

Thomas Pursglove, son of Sarah Pursglove, baptised 2/4/1833

Thomas Pursglove [573] married Elizabeth Brough of Ashover on 28/12/1826
Thomas Pursglove (b.18/1/1835)
William Pursglove (b.8/7/1838)
George Pursglove (b.13/2/1842)

William Pursglove [580] born about 1809 married Ann Wright of Alfreton on 15/9/1834
Martha Pursglove (b.11/10/1835)
Mary Ann Pursglove (b.11/9/1838)
Rebecca Pursglove (b.1/8/1841)

Ann Pursglove [585] married George Goulder on 31/8/1835

Sarah Pursglove [587] married Henry William Musson on 30/1/1836

Hannah Pursglove [1084] married Robert Scott on 24/10/1839 - (20/10/1839 on IGI)
Hannah was 28 and her father was David Pursglove an Ironstone getter from South Wingfield.
Robert was 49.  The witnesses were Thomas Pursglove and Mary Pursglove

Elizabeth Pursglove [575] married James Taylor-Smith on 31/5/1841
Elizabeth's father was John Pursglove and the witnesses were William Smith and Ann Hunt.

William Pursglove, son of John and Susannah, bapt. 10/11/1852
Hannah Pursglove, daughter of John and Susannah, bapt. 10/11/1852
Elizabeth Pursglove, daughter of John and Susannah, bapt. 10/11/1852

Elizabeth Pursglove [597] married William Hunt on 21/9/1864

Annie Pursglove [599] married George Vines on 15/9/1874

1881 Census: 18 Victoria Street, (roll 3418 folio 17 page 26/6)
William Pursglove, head, 76, born at Wirksworth, gen. lab. Iron Works
Ann Pursglove,  Wife, 71, born at Codnor Park
William Pursglove, G son, 23, born at Ironville, Coal miner
Chas. Marshall, S in L, 36, born at Burton on Wood, Leicester, Coal Miner
Lucy Marshal, dau, 36, born at Ironville
Henry Marshal, 9, born at Ironville
Arthur Marshall, 5, born at Ironville
Charles Marshall, 4, born at Ironville
John Marshall, 2, born at Sye Hill, Nottingham

1881 Census: 9 King Street,  (roll 3418 folio 29 page 50)
Thomas Marshal, widow, 22, born at Shirland, Labourer at Iron Works
Louisa Pursglove, S dau, 20, born at Ironville

1881 Census Strays: 30, North Wingfield (roll 3430 folio 32 page 38)
William Pursglove,  born at Alfreton

1881 Census Strays: Nottingham Road, Codnor, (roll 3320, folio 73, page 18)
Samuel Pursglove, head, 40, born at Alfreton, Coal miner and Farmer of 11 acres
Lydia Pursglove, wife, 38, born at Ripley
Mary A. Pursglove, 16, born at Ripley
Catherine Pursglove, 12, born at Ripley
Elizabeth Pursglove, 9, born at Ripley
Samuel Pursglove, 6, born at Ripley
Joseph Pursglove, 3, born at Ripley
Thomas Pursglove, 2, born at Ripley

1881 Census Strays: 57 Hepthorne Lane, North Wingfield (roll 3430 folio 32 page 58)
William Pursglove, head,  30, born at Alfreton, Coal miner
Mary Pursglove, wife, 26, born at Matlock
Lilly Pursglove, 7, born at Tinsley Park, York
Eliza Pursglove, 3, born Swanwick, Derby
John Pursglove, 1, born at Clay Cross, Derbys
William Sutton, boarder, 25, born Bury, Lancs., Coal miner
Joseph Rodgers, boarder, 23, born Crich, Derbys, Coal miner


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