The Ashover Pursgloves - [ASHO]

The name Ashover derives from a Saxon term meaning 'by the ash trees'.  This town was a well established community by Domesday in 1068.  There is evidence of lead mining activity in Roman times and mining and quarrying have been the mainstay of the village history.  Above the village to the east is a high point in the landscape where a gritstone mass called Fabrick Rock can be seen for miles around.

All Saints Church is the Parish Church for Ashover and complete records are held from 1642 onwards.


Robert Pursglove of Ashover - 1607/8

John Pursglove, administration of Will, 8/5/1634

Jane Pursglove leased land at Ashover from Sir John Pershall of Horsley in 23 Chales I (1648) - The Wolley Manuscripts 6689 ff.  182-187

Edward Pursglove [65] married Martha Lowe on 21/10/1682

Jane Pursglove, widow of John Pursglove - 1647
John Pursglove, buried 1647

Richard Pursglove [33] married Ann Hallam of Ashover on 17/7/1655

Henry Pursglove at Leonard Wheatcroft's wedding on 20/5/1657

Mary? Pursglove, daughter of John and Anne - 4/5/1659

Robert Pursglove, son of Henery of South Wingfield, buried 17/4/16

Ann Pursglove [40] married Richard Toeling <sic> on 24/4/1667  (may be Richard Rolling)

John Pursglove [42] married Mary "alias Mari"(d.29/9/1685)
Pursglove (, son of John and Mary, baptised 19/6/1661
Robert Pursglove, son of John and Mary, baptised in.1661
Robert Pursglove, son of John and Mary, buried on 16/7/1662)
Richard Pursglove ((bapt and died 23/10/1656)
John Pursglove (b.4/10/1657) married Ann Bradder "or Bridder" (1691) - moved to Wartling in Surrey (not confirmed)
Richard Pursglove (b.19/6/1666)
Richard Pursglove (b.23/10/1666)
Obadiah Pursglove (b.25/5/1667 - d.25/5/1669)

Robert Pursglove married Ann in October 1662
Jane Pursglove, daughter of Robert and Ann, born 24/10/1661
John Pursglove, son of Robert and Ann, born 27/7/1662
Ann Pursglove, wife of Robert Pursglove, buried in October 1662
an infant, of Robert Pursglove buried 1/7/1663
Jane Pursglove (b.24/1/1664)
Thomas Pursglove (b.11/1664)

Henry Pursglove married Anne
Joseph (b.8/12/1666) married Elizabeth

Henry Pursglove of Woodhayes buried 24/8/1671

Ann Pursglove [60] married John Bower of South Wingfield on 11/7/1673

Elizabeth Pursglove daughter of Henry Pursglove and Mary, baptised 31/3/1680

Edward Pursglove [1009] married Martha Lowe of South Wingfield on 21/10/1683
Edward Pursglove (b.6/9/1681) married Tamar Boot at Tibshelf 9/5/1699
Henry Pursglove (b.29/3/1685)
John Pursglove (b.11/10/1686)
Anne Pursglove (b.6/6/1689 - bur. 10/8/1689/90)
Matthew Pursglove (b.26/3/1697)

Jane Pursglove [76] married George Higginbottum on 4/2/1683 at Elley (Ely)

Elizabeth Asson, supposed daughter to Richard Pursglove - 16/8/1685

Joseph Pursglove married Martha
Anne Pursglove, daughter of Joseph and Martha, baptised 6/6/1689

Edward Pursglove [78] of Alton, Staffs married Martha
Robert Pursglove ((b.26/3/1692)
Robert Pursglove ((b.26/3/1694)
Robert Pursglove ((b.26/3/1696 - bur.3/1700)

John Pursglove [46] married Ann Bradder on  21/4/1691
Anne Pursglove (b.26/3/1693), buried at Herstmonceaux in 1744
Robert Pursglove ( -buried 14/2/1695)
Matthew Pursglove ( -buried 14/2/1695)
Mary Pursglove ( -buried 2/4/1696)
Robert Pursglove (b.01/08/1697)
John and Ann Pursglove moved to Herstmonseaux in Sussex

Two twindells <sic> of John Pursglove buried 19/2/1693

John Paceglove of the butts, will, buried 1693
The will at Lichfield record office is for John Pursglove, 1693

John Pursglove, baptised, died and buried 31/1/1698

Joseph Pursglove [456] of Ashover married Elizabeth Chantry of Dronfield, 13/11/1693 at Dronfield
Obadiah Pursglove (b.16/8/1694)
Elizabeth Pursglove (b.3/2/1696)
John Pursglove (b.30/5/1699)
Joseph Pursglove (b.26/3/1700)
  Elizabeth "Chantry" Pursglove was Buried 26/3/1700

Edward Pursglove [67] married Tamar Boot at Tibshelf 9/5/1699
Edward Boot (Pursglove) (b.5/5/1699 at Tibshelf)
Henry Pursglove (b.3/1/1700)
Thamar Pursglove (b.14/6/1703)
Martha Pursglove (b.26/8/1709)

Elizabeth wife of John Pursglove (buried 1702)

Ann Pursglove [177] married William Leadbetter of Aylesbury, bucks. 9/11/1704

Richard Purseglove [179] married Anne Gregory on 4/6/1711

Thomas Purseglove [181] married Hannah Marshall on 24/11/1713
Thomas and Hannah lived in South Wingfield.

Anne Pursglove [183] married William Wragg on 6/1/1734

Edward Pursglove of Alton, buried 15/5/1737

Elizabeth Pursglove [187] married Gamaliel Brelsford on 5/11/1741

Thomas Pursglove [189] married Elizabeth Farnsworth on 26/5/1762

Elizabeth Pursglove [2866] married George Rowland on 7/07/1767
  Elizabeth and George moved to live at Winster.

Nanny Pursglove [191] married Thomas Wragg on 5/11/1781

Geo. Pursglove [193] married Ann Berrisford on 20/10/1806

Ashover Parish Settlements: 120/1811
Robert PURSGLOVE of Woodthorpe, labourer 30 born Orton (Alton?) p.Ashover. Hired to Anthony HOPKINSON of Alton aforesaid, James STRINGFELLOW of Wingerworth, Job HOLE of Butterley, p.Ashover, farmer George WATSON of Hilcote, Blackwell, Elias HEATH of Blidworth, Notts, Daniel BULL of Tythe Farm, Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. Married 3yr ago to Caren TURNER at North Wingfield. One child

Ashover Parish Settlements: 217/1812
William COTTON BORN Ashover 33. Hired to Nicholas BROOMHEAD of Baslow . Married Hannah PURSGLOVE, two children.

Eliz. Pursglove, buried 28/1/1814 at All Saints, Ashover, aged 87
Elizabeth died whilst living at the Workhouse.

Elizabeth Pursglove, buried 28/1/1817 at All Saints, Ashover, aged 77

Ashover Parish Settlements: 200/1819
John PURSGLOVE 21 born Wirksworth, parents legal Settlement Wingerworth. Lived with John PEARCE of Wingerworth, hired to Richard WATSON of Wingerworth

William Pursglove, Cattleman, employed as a servant at Wilkin House, Ashover on a wage of 10.  Noted as the first servant to be hired from outside of the parish. 20/11/1821

Geo. Pursglove, buried 7/1/1822 at All Saints, Ashover, aged 61

Nanny Pursglove [197] married Job Flint on 5/2/1826

Martha Pursglove buried 11/2/1831 at All Saints, Ashover, aged 60

Joseph Pursglove [200] married Hannah Wood on 1/5/1831

Hannah Pursglove [202] married Job Wood on 3/6/1833

Mary Pursglove [261] married George White on 1/11/1840

Hannah Pursglove, buried 2/9/1849 at All Saints, Ashover, aged 34

Joseph Pursglove, buried 29/4/1851 at All Saints, Ashover, aged 44

1861 Census (RG9, 2412, 49, 4, 21) Scrooby, East Retford, Notts
John Pursglove [883], Head, Mar, 53, Occupier of 9 acres, born Ashover, Derbyshire
Hannah Pursglove, Wife, Mar, 60, born Palterton, Derbyshire
Charles Pursglove, Son, Unm, 19, born Scrooby, Nottinghamshire



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