The Pursgloves of Bakewell - [BAKE]

Bakewell is recorded in the Domesday Book as Badequella which translates roughly as Bathe Well.  It is situated at a main river crossing on the Wye. The original name comes from the Anglo Saxon 'Baedeca's wella'.  There is evidence of a Saxon church in Bakewell in  980.  The present parish church was built from 1220, being completed about 1240 being dedicated to All Saints.

This is a market town with the right to hold an annual fair, now the Bakewell show.  This is also the home of the well renowned Bakewell Pudding (not a tart) which is recorded locally from the 16th Century.

John Pursglove [109] married Anne King on 14/11/1715
    John was from Baslow and they moved to live there after the marriage.

Ann Pursglove [116] married William Lea in September 1749

Elizabeth Pursglove [126] married John Harris on 6/7/1795

John Pursglove, son of Henrey and Martha, bapt. 22/7/1821 at Bakewell Circuit Weslyan Methodist
William Pursglove, son of Henrey and Martha, bapt. 1/2/1824 at Bakewell Circuit Weslyan Methodist

Elizabeth Pursglove [3] married Walter Downes on 1/11/1824

Mary Pursglove [5] married Charles Wager on 21/4/1840

Frederick O'Neill married Sarah Pursglove [627] at Bakewell Registry Office in April 1845
Arthur O'Neill, born Chesterfield 1845
Briget O'Neill born Sheffield 1850
Ellen O'Neill born Eastwood, Nottinghamshire 1851
Agnes O'Neill born Sheffield 1858
Frederick O'Neill was born about 1825 and came from Oldham

George Purseglove [657] of Eyam married Sarah Elliott, 01/03/1848
   George and Sarah lived in Eyam, returning to Bakewell later in life.

William Pursglove, son of William and Ann, bapt. 9/6/1850 at Bakewell Circuit Weslyan Methodist

George Purseglove of Haddon Park Farm, Nether Haddon, Bakewell died 10/03/1896.  Will administered at Derby leaving 959 2s 5p to his widow Sarah Purseglove.


1881 Census

Thomas Purseglove, 40, M, Head, born at Rowdale (roll 3446 folio 9 page 12)
Elizabeth Purseglove, 43, F, Wife, born at Blackwell
Annie Purseglove, 16, F, Dau, born at Ashford
Walter Purseglove, 13, M, Son, born at Bakewell
Arthur Purseglove, 11, M, Son, born at Bakewell
Mary Purseglove, 7, F, Dau, born at Bakewell
Fanny E. Purseglove, 2, F, Dau, born at Bakewell (roll 3446 folio 10 page 13)

Annie Pursglove, 16, F, Servant, born at Ashford (roll 3446 folio 39 page 1)

1881 Census strays

Alsop Yard, (Chapel?) Street, Hucknall under Huthwaite (roll 3316, folio 138, page 30)
John Pursglove, head, 78, born Bakewell, Derbys, Farmer

1901 Census: Baslow (RG13, 3262, 72, 9, 60)
John W Pursglove, Head, Married, 28, Farmer, employer, born Eyam, Derbyshire
Jane Pursglove, Wife, Married, 23, born Bronfield, Derbyshire
George Barker, servant, Single, 35, Farm Labourer, worker, born Eyam, Derbyshire
Annie Trig, servant, Single, 14, Farm Servant, worker, born London
George Barker, servant, Single, 35, Farm Labourer, worker, born Eyam, Derbyshire
George C Pursglove, Son, Single, Under 1 mth, born Baslow, Derbyshire
John Gorman, servant, Widow, 51, Ordinary Agrecultural Labourer, worker, born Ireland

Kelly's Directory - Derbyshire 1912

Purseglove, John William, Nether Haddon, Bakewell
Purseglove R., Nether Haddon, Bakewell
Purseglove, Mrs. Sarah, Nether Haddon, Bakewell

Pursglove, Joseph & Henry, Middleton, Bakewell
Pursglove, John, Middleton, Bakewell
Pursglove, John jun. Woodside, Middleton, Bakewell

Pursglove, Thomas, Derbygate, Bakewell

1920 Great War Memorial, Bakewell
J Pursglove, Private Soldier - 42632, Killed in Action 04/03/1917, Buried Sailly-Saillisel British Cemetery, Somme, France


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