The Pursgloves of Codnor - [CODN]

In Domesday, Codnor was recorded as having a mill.  This was a rural area which has developed as a mining town in the 19th Century.  Codnor lies between Ripley and Eastwood in the Amber Valley.

About a mile from the town is Codnor Castle, a Norman garrison which was eventually bebuilt as a stone Keep with a walled defence.  The castle was built by William Peveril and run by the De Gray family. This building is now a ruin.  St James Church is at the top of this long village.


1861 Census, Codnor Park, (RG9, 2431, 74, 16)
John Pursglove [2073], Head, Mar, 33, Horse Keeper, born Codnor Park
Emily Pursglove, Wife, Mar, 29, born Alfreton
Annie Pursglove, Daur, 7, Scholar, born Codnor Park
Elizabeth Anais Pursglove, Daur, 5, Scholar, born Codnor Park
William Pursglove, Son, 3, Scholar, born Codnor Park
Pouisa Pursglove, Daur, 14 Months, born Codnor Park
Amelia Elliott, Sister in Law, Unm, 22, Servant, born Alfreton
Edwin John Warren, Nephew, Unm, 14, Labourer, born Nottingham


1881 Census, Nottingham Road, (roll 3320, folio 73, page 18)
Samuel Pursglove, head, 40, born at Alfreton, Coal miner and Farmer of 11 acres
Lydia Pursglove, wife, 38, born at Ripley
Mary A. Pursglove, 16, born at Ripley
Catherine Pursglove, 12, born at Ripley
Elizabeth Pursglove, 9, born at Ripley
Samuel Pursglove, 6, born at Ripley
Joseph Pursglove, 3, born at Ripley
Thomas Pursglove, 2, born at Ripley

1881 Census, 61 Market Place, Codnor Park, (roll 3320, folio 133, page 21)
James Pursglove, head, 50, born at Ironville, Iron Maker

1881 Census Strays, Woodthorpe, (roll 3429, folio 142, page 34)
Mary Pursglove, visitor, 39, born at Codnor Park, Cook (DS)
Visiting the household of William Hallows, 49, Weelwright. (wife is Ellen Hallows, 46)

1901 Census: 61 Market Place, Codnor Park (RG13, 3143, 65, 15, 83)
James Pursglove, Head, Widow, 70, Living on own means, born Ironville, Derbyshire
William Gilliam, Nephew, Married, 29, Banksman in coal mine, worker, born Ironville, Derbyshire
Edith Gilliam, Neice, Married, 24, Domestic Servant, born Tettenhall, Staffordshire
William Emry, Bourder, Single, 16, Ganger in coal mine, worker, born Tettenhall, Staffordshire



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