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On a visit to Edale Church Yard cemetery in 2005,  there were 3 Pursglove gravestones across the road from the church in the burial ground.  They were of the Pursglove family from Crowden Lee Booth.

Interestingly, in the written records, they are Pursglove's with one s.  Though on the gravestones, the spelling is Purssglove with 2 letters s.  It is unclear whether this was a peculiarity of the stone mason or a correct spelling where the records are in error.  Almost all of the records for Edale show Pursgloves with 1 s.

Here lieth the body of Thomas Purfsglove of Crowden Lee Booth who departed this life October ye 31st 1709 aged 62 years.


of Alice his wife who died on 3rd day of March 1811 aged 95 years.




Sacred to the memory of George Purssglove of Crowden Lee Booth who departed this life August 22nd 1821 in the 79 year of his age.

Also Hannah Purssglove the wife of George Purssglove who departed this life May 25th 1812, in the 68 year of her age.

Also Thomas Purssglove, son of the above named George and Hannah Purssglove who departed this life June 1st 1859 in the 86 year of his age.


In memory of Joseph Purssglove of Crowden Lee Booth, who departed this life July 4th 1830 aged 52 years.

Also Hannah Purssglove his wife who departed this life June 23rd 1845 aged 62 years.


Also Thomas Purssglove thir son who died December 11th 1821 aged 11 years


It is a point to note that the last gravestone shown has a space between the parents and the son, sufficient to add another inscription.


Paul Pursglove  15 Jun 2005


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