The Pursgloves of Eyam - [EYAM]

Eyam is an old village and the parish church of St Lawrence was consecrated in 1250.  The parish was in the same hundred as Stoney Middleton and much of the prosperity of the village was established from lead mining at Foolow to the west.

This village is also renowned for its voluntary isolation during the plague of 1665/6, in order to protect the surrounding villages from infection. The local museum is largely dedicated to the Plague as this currently links in with the tourism trade and the national curriculum needs of schools.

Clarence Daniel (1911-1987) was a local historian who did much to preserve the history of the village.

Monumental Inscriptions

No Pursgloves died of the Plague in the 1665/6 outbreak

John Burke, A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 4), London, H. Colburn, Page 235
EYRE, OF RAMPTON: Carnthwaite, in Derbyshire. (Carnfield Hall, Alfreton)
Lucy, m. to Humphrey Stafford, esq. of Eyam, in Derbyshire. He wedded, secondly, Alice, daughter of Robert Pursglove, and had by her one son, Robert.

George Pursglove [606] of Baslow married Hannah Mower 12 Mar 1775

James Pursglove, son of Geo. and Hannah, bapt. 29 Aug 1790

George Pursglove, son of Nathan and Sarah, bapt. 3 Oct 1802

George Purseglove Buried 12 May 1803

Sarah Pursglove [612] married Robert Drable on 11 Oct 1803

Joseph Pursglove [614] (bapt 4 Apr 1780) married Rachel Drable on 27 Aug 1805
Joseph Pursglove, son of  Rachel Drable, baptised 27 Aug 1805
George Pursglove, son of Joseph and Rachel Pursglove, bapt. 28 Jan 1806
Jonathan Pursglove, son of Joseph and Rachel Pursglove, bapt. 7 Nov 1807
    Jonathan became a silk weaver and moved to Stony Middleton, married Mary by 1851
Benjamin Pursglove, son of Joseph and Rachel, bapt. 15 Oct 1809
Hannah Pursglove, daughter of Joseph and Rachel, bapt. 17 Nov 1811
Hannah had a child, Rachel, baptised 11 Oct 1835
Joseph Pursglove, son of Joseph and Rachel, bapt. 4 Apr 1813
Helen Frances Pursglove, daughter of Joseph and Rachel, bapt. 30 Jul 1815
Lydia Pursglove, daughter of Joseph and Rachel, bapt. 4 Sep 1817
Ann Pursglove, daughter of Joseph and Rachel, bapt. 18 Jul 1819
Mary Pursglove, daughter of Joseph and Rachel, bapt. 12 Nov 1820
James Pursglove, son of Joseph and Rachel, bapt. 7May 1821
Sarah Pursglove, daughter of Joseph and Rachel, bapt. 12 Oct 1823
Joseph Pursglove, son of Joseph and Rachel, bapt.3 Jul 1825
    Joseph moved to Stony Middleton, two known children, moved back to Eyam as a butcher
Sarah (bapt 12 Oct 1823) married Frederick O'Neill at Bakewell Registry Office on 4 Apr 1846

John Pursglove [630] married Martha Thornhill on 22 Oct 1805

1851 Census for Stony Middleton
Jonathan Pursglove, 43, silk weaver and pensioner from Chelsea Hospital, born at Eyam
Mary Pursglove, 41, his wife, born at Stony Middleton

George Pursglove [632] married Mary Goose 27 Dec 1808
George Pursglove, son of Mary Goose, bapt. 27 Dec 1808
Sarah Pursglove, daughter of George and Mary, bapt. 24 Feb1811
    Sarah married William Wood on 9 Jun 1835
Betty Pursglove, daughter of George and Mary, bapt. 7 Oct 1812
   Betty was unmarried, living in Eyam in 1881, a dressmaker
Hannah Pursglove, daughter of George and Mary, bapt. 12 Mar 1815
Mary Pursglove, daughter of George and Mary, bapt. 10 Mar 1817
George Pursglove, son of George and Mary, bapt. 13 Jun 1819
    George married Sarah about 1848
John Pursglove, son of George and Mary, bapt. 1 Jun 1820
Joseph Pursglove, son of George and Mary, bapt. 27 Nov 1822
Henry Pursglove,  son of George and Mary, bapt. 17 Jun 1827
    Henry became a lead miner

Hannah Purseglove [643] married Thomas Morton (or Martin) on 23 Jan 1809
Martha Purseglove, baptised 1823, married Thomas White in 1845
Thomas and Martha White lived at 3 Grindleford Bridge, Eyam  (Frances Hudson, NZ)

Joseph Pursglove, Shopkeeper (weights) fine 6/-6d (Middleton & Arkwright) Wirksworth Petty Sessions 1822

George Pursglove [299] married Nancy Ann Shaw in 1831 at Castleton
Rosa Elizabeth Pursglove, baptised 3 Jun 1838 at Woodlands, Hope
Mary Ann Pursglove, baptised 31 Jan 1841 at Woodlands, Hope
Margaret Pursglove, baptised 18 Jun 1843 at Woodlands, Hope
George Pursglove, baptised 8 mar 1849 at Eyam

George Purseglove, List of voters, 1832 - Eyam and Highlow, Freehold land owner at Eyam.

Pigot's Commercial Directory of Derbyshire 1835
Joseph Purseglove [628], Eyam, Butcher

Sarah Pursglove [653] married William Wood on 9 Jun 1835
William Wood (1804-1865) the historian, born at Lydgate House on 6 Jan 1804, the son of William Wood and Jane Francis of Eyam.

Rachel Pursglove, daughter of Ellen Pursglove, bapt. 11 Oct 1835

Hannah Purseglove (Nee Mower) buried 28 Feb 1839
    Hannah was the wife of George Purseglove [606] of Baslow (marriage at Eyam 12 Mar 1775)

History and Gazetteer of Derbyshire 1846
Elizth. Pursglove, Eyam, Dressmaker
George Pursglove, Eyam, Farmer

George Purseglove [657] married Sarah Elliott 01/03/1848 at Bakewell
    George farmed Ladywash Farm (114 acres) until his grandson Robert took it over.  He kept 46 acres.
George Purseglove, son of George and Sarah, bapt. 25 Mar 1849
    George married Sarah (another Sarah) about 1873
John Pursglove, son of George and Sarah, bapt. 24 Nov 1850
    John moved to Dronfield before 1881
Mary Alice Pursglove, daughter of George and Sarah, bapt. 8 Dec 1852
    Living with Elizabeth Pursglove in 1881, working as a serving mistress
Peter Elliott Pursglove, son of George and Sarah, bapt. 26 Nov 1854
Joseph Pursglove, son of George and Sarah, bapt. 12 Apr 1857
Tom Pursglove, son of George and Sarah, bapt. 27 Mar 1864
Elizabeth Pursglove, daughter of George and Sarah, bapt. 11 Nov 1866

Joseph Pursglove, son of Jonathan and Mary, bapt. 25 Jan 1852

Hannah Pursglove, Last will and testament. Administered 25 April 1876 at Derby for effects under 100.  Hannah Pursglove (spinster) died 18 Aug 1874 at Eyam and her estate was passed to her brother George Pursglove, Farmer from Eyam and one other next of kin.

1861 Census: Eyam (RG9, folio 109, page 6, schedule 29)
Henry Pursglove, head, 33, Lead Miner, born Eyam, Derbys.
Sarah Pursglove, wife, 37, born Eyam, Derbys.
Jane Pursglove, dau, 11 mths, born Eyam, Derbys
James Wildgoose, b/dr, 59, Carter, born Eyam, Derbys.

1861 Census: Eyam (RG9, folio 110, page 7, schedule 30)
George Pursglove, head, 41, Ag. Lab., Eyam
Sarah Pursglove, wife, 32, Eyam
George Pursglove, son, 12, scholar, Eyam
John Pursglove, son, 10, scholar, Eyam
Margaret Pursglove, dau, 8, scholar, Eyam
Peter E Pursglove, son, 6, scholar, Eyam
Joseph Pursglove, son, 4, scholar, Eyam
Fanny Pursglove, dau, 1, Eyam

1871 Census:  Eyam Terrace (RG10, 3632, 115, 3, 11)
Elizabeth Pursglove [636], Head, Unmarried, 57, Milliner, born Eyam, Derbyshire
Hannah Pursglove [637], Sister, Unmarried, 55, Milliner, born Eyam, Derbyshire
Jane Pursglove, Niece, Unmarried, 10, Scholar, born Eyam, Derbyshire
Joseph F Wood, Nephew, Unmarried, 35, Grocer, born Eyam, Derbyshire
   Elizabeth and Hannah were the children of George Pursglove and Mary Goose
   Jane is the daughter of Henry Pursglove and Sarah Elliott
   Joseph is the eldest son of Sarah Pursglove and William Wood

George Purseglove [659] married Sarah ? about 1873
John William Purseglove born 1872
    John married Jane from Dronfield and they later moved to Baslow
Robert Purseglove
    Robert married Kate and farmed Lady Wash Farm then Brostefield farm
George Pursglove died 10 Mar 1896 aged 47 years
Sarah Pursglove died 4 Jan 1919 aged 75 years

1881 Census, (RG11, 3452 folio 98 page 3)
Elizabeth Purseglove, 68, F, Head, born Eyam, Dressmaker
Mary Purseglove, 28, F, Niece, born Eyam, Serving mistress
Jane Purseglove, 20, F, Niece, born Eyam, Dressmaker

1881 Census, Lady Wash Farm, (RG11, 3452 folio 99 page 6)
George Purseglove, head, 32, born Eyam, farmer of 114 acres
Sarah Purseglove, wife, 36, born Eyam
John William Purseglove, son, 7, born Eyam
Robert Purseglove, son, 5, born Eyam
Henry Purseglove, neph, 18, born Eyam, Farm servant indoors
Selina Schofield, 12, born at Hathersage, Farm servant

1881 Census: Eyam (RG11, 3452, 104, 16, 81)
Joseph Pursglove [614] (senior), head, Married, 55, Butcher, born Eyam, Derbyshire
Rachel Pursglove, Daur, Unmarried, 25, born Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire
John W. Pursglove, Son, Unmarried, 23, Butcher, born Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire

1881 Census, (RG11, 3452 folio 105 page 16/17)
Joseph Pursglove, head, 29, born Stoney Middleton, Lead Smelter
Hannah Pursglove, wife, 31, born Eyam, Machinist
Jonathan Pursglove, 7, M, Son, born Eyam
Thomas Pursglove, 1, M, Son, born Eyam
Hannah Pursglove, wife, 31, F, born Eyam 

1881 Census, (RG11, 3452 folio 105 page 17)
Henry Purseglove, head, 53, born Eyam, Lead miner

1881 Census, (RG11, 3452 folio 105 page 17)
George Pursglove, head, 61, born Eyam , Farmer of 46 acres
Sarah Pursglove, wife, 52, born Eyam
Peter E. Pursglove, 26, born Eyam, Farmers son
Joseph Pursglove, 24, born Eyam, Farmers son
Ernest Pursglove, 11, born Eyam
Alice Eliot, M in Law, 80, born Dore, Derby

1881 Census, (RG11, 3452 folio 108 page 23)
Joseph Purseglove [628], head, 28, born Stoney Middleton, Butcher
Sarah Purseglove, wife, 22, born Hayfield 
Martha Purseglove, dau, 2, born Stoney Middleton
Joseph Purseglove,son, 3mth, born Stoney Middleton

1881 Census Strays, Dronfield, (RG11, 3445 folio 14 page 22)
John Pursglove was born in Eyam

1911 Census: Thorn, Eyam, Derbyshire (RG14, 21220, 3, 5, 115)
John W Pursglove, Head, 53, Married, Butcher, own account, born Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire
Florence Pursglove, Wife, 43, Married 16 years, born Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire
Jim Pursglove, Son, 17, Single, Working at Butchering (apprentice), worker, born Eyam, Derbyshire
Joseph Pursglove, Son, 13, Single, Working at Butchering (apprentice), worker, born Eyam, Derbyshire
J W Pursglove, Son, 12, at School, born Eyam, Derbyshire
Florence Mary Pursglove, Daur, 7, at School, born Eyam, Derbyshire
Lillian Ada Pursglove, Daur, 6, at School, born Eyam, Derbyshire


Kelly's Directory - Derbyshire 1912

Pursglove, John William, Butcher
Pursglove, Joseph, Butcher.

Manchester Probate, 2 may 1933: John William Pursglove (Otherwise John Williams), of Thorne Cottage, Town Head, Eyam, Derbyshire, died 4 Mar 1933.  To Flarance Pursglove, widow and James Pursglove, Police Inspector, Effects 400.

John Pursglove (1912-1991), son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pursglove of  Foolow, and joint author of the series of articles on Derbyshire Flora, the first of which we published in this issue, was born in Derbyshire in 1912.  He has had during his thirty three years, a career which should be the inspiration of every Derbyshire village boy.  He went first to the village school at Eyam, from which he won a scholarship to the Lady Manners School, Bakewell.  Another scholarship to Manchester University resulted in a B.Sc. degree, and subsequently in the gaining of the first of five Colonial scholarships offered by the Colonial Office.  This meant a year at Cambridge, followed by a year in Trinidad, studying tropical agriculture.  Mr. Pursglove was now ready for a responsible position under the Colonial Office, and he chose Uganda, Africa, as his sphere of work.  He has now been for nine years Agricultural Officer of an area of some ten thousand square miles, in which other white men are few.  It must often seem a very long way in more then mere distance, from the little Derbyshire village of Foolow.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1997 accessions - papers relating to plant collecting in Uganda and sout east Asia by J. W. Pursglove.

Useful Books

The Story of Eyam Plague, with a Guide to the Village, Clarence (Clarrie) Daniel, 1985

Tales and Traditions of the High Peak, William Wood.

Eyam Museum  (Old Website 1999)

Eyam Museum (Current Website undated)

Poultry - Chilled and Frozen
Pursglove Brothers

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Mr P Pursglove
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