The Pursgloves of Glossop - [GLOP]

Glossop is a market town in the High Peak, being on Glossop Brook, a tributary to the River Etherow.  The name derives from Glott's Hop - The valley of the local Saxon chieftain in the 7th Century.  The valley is only suitable for rearing Pennine Sheep.

This town was a hamlet at Domesday and in the 18th century the town had a wool based economy and also produced calico cotton fabric in large quantities.  It was not given municipal status until 1866.  Old Glossop where All Saints Parish Church is located, now sits above the industrial town of Glossop.


Samuel Pursglove [504] married Betty Bradbury on 21/3/1793

Anne Purseglove [680] of Saddleworth married Henry Hadfield (by licence) on 16 Jun 1795
witness: Henry Bray, Henry Lomas.

Samuel Pursglove [504], "the occupier of a house in Jumbles".  Tennant mentioned in the will of Joshua Marriott of Heathfield, Glossop 12 Oct 1813

John Pursglove [682] married Elizabeth Gibson on 10/5/1827

Benjamin Pursglove [684] married Betty Bradburry on 12/12/1831
 Benjamin and Betty lived in Hayfield after their marriage.

Reuben Pursglove [686] of Castleton married Elizabeth Hadfield on 26 Aug 1833
witness: James Platt, George Goodman

Thomas Pursglove [727] married Mary Joule (or Lovel) on 12/7/1835
Thomas and Mary lived at Hayfield, Derbys

Bathier Pursglove [690] married Jonathan Wild on 2/1/1837

George Henry Hadfield married Martha Purseglove [693] 20 Nov 1865
witness: James Winterbottom, Robert Winterbottom.
George Hadfield was the son of Joseph Hadfield, Farmer at Hayfiled
Martha Pursglove was the daughter of Benjamin Pursglove, stone mason at Glossop.

History of Glossop Families


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