The Pursgloves of Hathersage - [HATH]

This village is developed on an early Danish settlement site.  In its modern form, Hathersage was built around the church established by Henry I, which is now a 15th Century structure.  The origins of the village name are uncertain. 

In the church yard are the remains and grave of 'Little John', associated with 'Robin of Loxeley' who came from Loxley which is about 8 miles away towards Sheffield.

This is a rural farming area and there are some interesting industrial developments.  In 1566 Christopher Schulz developed a method of drawing wire and he set up his business here.  David Mellor (designer of the traffic light system) opened a cutlery factory at the Round House on the edge of the village.

Grace Pursglove [694] married William Greaves on 12/5/1664

Reginald Pursglove, son of Henry [696], baptised 18/6/1671
Maria Pursglove, daughter of Henry - 26/1/1672
George? Pursglove, son of Henry, baptised 26/6/1672
Henry Pursglove, son of Henry, christened 26/6/1673
Child of Henry Pursglove baptised 26/1/1673

Henry Pursglove [696], father of George buried in January 1673

George Pursglove [699], son of Henry, buried 10/8/1673

Grace Pursglove [362] married Robert Kyrk on 11/11/1725



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