The Pursgloves of Ironville - [IRNV]

Ironville was built on the edge of the Cromford Canal in 1830 as a model village to house the workers of the Butterley Company. The village was laid out with big gardens and open spaces between rows of houses.  A school, shops and facilities were incorporated in the design of the village.

Christ Church stands at the end of the main street, with the graveyard being across the Pinxton canal (now filled in) at the back of the church.  Very few gravestones survive.

Monumental Inscriptions


1841 Census: Furnace Row (HO107, 193, 4, page 15)
Thomas Pursglove, 35, born in County, Furnace Man
Elizabeth Pursglove, 30, born in County
James Pursglove, 11, born in County
Sarah Pursglove, 9, born in County
Thomas Pursglove, 6, born in County
William Pursglove, 3, born in County
Benjamin Leverne, 25, Masons Labourer, born in County
Charles Beecroft, 25, Masons Labourer, born in County
George Shipley, 25, Masons Labourer, born in County

1851 Census: Ironville Row (HO107, 2145, 42, page 13)
Elizabeth Pursglove, head, widow, 43, born Ashover
Mary Pursglove, daughter, 24, born Ashover, Milliner
James Pursglove, son, 20, born Ironville, Blacksmith
Sarah Pursglove, daughter, 19, born Ironville, House Servant
Thomas Pursglove, son, 16, born Ironville, Apprentice to (medel?) maker
William Pursglove, son, 12, born Ironville, (masters?) servant
Ann Pursglove, daughter, 3, born Ironville

1851 Census strays: Duffield
William Pursglove (Labourer, aged 44, born Wirksworth) married Ann ? (age 41, born Codnor)
Lalah Pursglove,  a cotton spinner aged 15, born Ironville
Maryana Pursglove, aged 13, born Ironville
Rebecca Pursglove, aged 11, born Ironville (died 1856 at Ironville)
Lucy Pursglove, aged 6, born Ironville
Elizabeth Pursglove, aged 2, born Ironville

George Pursglove, buried 24/8/1852 aged 9, at Christ Church, Ironville

John Pursglove, buried 16/12/1852 aged 54, at Christ Church, Ironville

Rebecca Pursglove, buried 18/10/1856 aged 15, at Christ Church, Ironville

1861 Census: 18 Victoria Road, Ironville (RG9/2515, folio 17, page 27, schedule 173)
William Pursglove, Head, 53, (Eauser?) Ironworks, born Wirksworth
Ann Pursglove, wife, 50, born Codnor Park
Elizabeth Pursglove, Dau, 12, born Ironville
Sarah Pursglove, Dau, 10, Scholar, born (?)
William Pursglove, Son, 4, Scholar, born Ironville
There were 3 lodgers in this household

William Pursglove, buried 15/11/1862 aged 4 months, at Christ Church, Ironville

John Pursglove, buried 20/5/1863 aged 37, at Christ Church, Ironville

Annie Pursglove, buried 11/6/1871 aged 37, at Christ Church, Ironville

John Marshal Pursglove, buried 15/1/1873, Christ Church, Ironville (age not known)

John Marshal Pursglove, son of Sarah [824], aged 5 years was baptised on 4/10/1874 at Ironville Providence Chapel.

Elizabeth Annis Pursglove, buried 9/10/1874 aged 19, at Christ Church, Ironville

John Marshal Pursglove, buried 4/10/1876 aged 7, Christ Church, Ironville

Hannah Mary Pursglove, buried 12/2/1880 aged 47, at Christ Church, Ironville

William Pursglove, buried 6/5/1880 aged 22, at Christ Church, Ironville

William Pursglove, buried 1/12/1881 aged 77, at Christ Church, Ironville

Ann Pursglove, buried 22/10/1898 aged 88, at Christ Church, Ironville

1881 Cesus Strays:  Dronfield (roll 3444 folio 94 page 35)
Thomas Purseglove [2669], 46, M, Head, born at Ironville
Louisa Purseglove, 43, F, Wife, born at Ironville
Mary Purseglove, 18, F, Dau, born at Ripley
William Purseglove, 12, M, Son, born at Ripley
Annie E. Purseglove, 10, F, Dau, born at Ripley
George H. Purseglove, 6, M, Son, born at Dronfield
Thomas was a model maker at the iron works
Moved to Workington, Cumberland with closure of the Wilson Cammell Steel Works in 1883.

1881 Census strays : Alfreton (roll 3418 folio 29 page 50)
William Pursglove, 23, born at Ironville
Louisa Pursglove, 20, born at Ironville (Williams sister), In the household of Thomas Marshall

1881 Census strays : 61 Market Place, Codnor Park, (roll 3320, folio 133, page 21)
James Pursglove, head, 50, born at Ironville, Iron Maker

1881 Census strays : 18 Victoria Street, Alfreton, (roll 3418 folio 17 page 26/6)
William Pursglove, head, 76, born at Wirksworth, gen. lab. Iron Works
Ann Pursglove,  Wife, 71, born at Codnor Park
William Pursglove, G son, 23, born at Ironville, Coal miner
Chas. Marshall, S in L, 36, born at Burton on Wood, Leicester, Coal Miner
Lucy Marshal, dau, 36, born at Ironville
Henry Marshal, 9, born at Ironville
Arthur Marshall, 5, born at Ironville
Charles Marshall, 4, born at Ironville
John Marshall, 2, born at Sye Hill, Nottingham

1881 Census strays : 9 King Street, Alfreton,  (roll 3418 folio 29 page 50)
Thomas Marshal, widow, 22, born at Shirland, Labourer at Iron Works
Louisa Pursglove, S dau, 20, born at Ironville

1901 Census Strays: 61 Market Place, Codnor Park (RG13, 3143, 65, 15, 83)
James Pursglove, Head, Widow, 70, Living on own means, born Ironville, Derbyshire
William Gilliam, Nephew, Married, 29, Banksman in coal mine, worker, born Ironville, Derbyshire
Edith Gilliam, Neice, Married, 24, Domestic Servant, born Tettenhall, Staffordshire
William Emry, Bourder, Single, 16, Ganger in coal mine, worker, born Tettenhall, Staffordshire



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