References to Bishop Robert Pursglove


Bishop Robert Pursglove was born in Tideswell in or about 1504, the son of Adam Pursglove and Modwina, née Bradshawe. He served in high office to Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Mary Tudor, changing his allegiance from Catholic to Protestant, and back again according to the whims of the monarch. His death is recorded in Chesterfield parish register on May 2nd 1580. This memorial can be found inside Tideswell Church, in the chancel near to the north wall.   (GENUKI-2/2001)



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Links to the Eyre Family

Rowland Eyre the eldest son of Stephen and Anne Eyre, born 29th Nov. 1533. Rowland married Gertrude Stafford around 1569. Gertrude’s mother was Lucy Eyre of the Eyres of Holme Hall, Chesterfield. Gertrude had two previous marriages the first to Thomas Woodruffe who had died before July 1564. The second to Thomas Eyre of Edale, who died within a few years, Gertrude was still childless and possibly around 20 years of age when she married Rowland Eyre. While she was a heiress it was not until she came of age did she inherit her share of the estates. Rowland representing Gertrude through legal proceedings ended up with the most favourable settlement from the disputed estates. Edward Eyre of Holme Hall, father of Lucy Eyre mentioned above, married Alice Pursglove this was his second marriage. Alice was possibly a sister to Bishop Pursglove. Edward Eyre had two sons Robert and Thomas who he left Holme and Dunston respectively. When Bishop Pursglove lost his position during the reign of Elizabeth, he lived in retirement during which he organized the foundation of his Grammar schools at Tideswell and Guisborough. In his later years it is thought that he lived at Dunston Hall, the house of his nephew Thomas Eyre.
Lucy Eyre had a brother Anthony Eyre, whose son Gervase was Gertrude’s first cousin and nearest male relative at this time, and there appears to be a close relationship with Rowland. Gervase Eyre established the Eyres of Rampton in Nottinghamshire. 2/2001