The Pursgloves of Ripley - [RPLY]

The manor of Ryppeleg was given a charter for a fair and Wednesday market in 1251.  Later, additional markets were added on Saturday and on Friday.  The small settlement had been farming grain for milling and there was no significant development of industry until the 1790's when engineering and other industries key to the local industrial revolution started, causing an expansion of the local population.

All Saints parish church was dedicated in 1821 in response to the needs of the industrial community.  There was a strong following of the Methodist Church in Ripley at that time.

Hannah Pursglove
, daughter of Samuel Pursglove [704] and Mary Stanley baptised 25/8/1833

Samuel Pursglove (born about 1842)

Samuel Pursglove [906] married Lydia Thornley  (b.1844?) in (April-June quarter)1861
Hannah Elizabeth Pursglove (bapt.10/5/1863) at Ripley Ebenezer United Methodist Church
Mary Ann Pursglove (bapt.24/9/1865) at Ripley Wesleyan Methodist Church
Joseph Pursglove (bapt.12/7/1877) - married Vira Criswell in Clerksberry, West Virginia, U.S.A.
    Samuel Pursglove was the son of Samuel Pursglove and Elizabeth Darlington, married at Shirland.
    Joseph moved to West Virginia where he met and married Vera.

Isaac Pursglove [917] married Phylis Driver (Oct, Nov, Dec quarter) 1867
Martha Pursglove born 9/3/1873 bapt. 25/3/1873 at Ripley Wesleyan Methodist Church
Ada Pursglove born 11/4/1875 bapt. 1/6/1875 at Ripley Wesleyan Methodist Church
This family lived at South Normanton, Nottinghamshire.

David Pursglove, son of David [921] and Mary Elizabeth, baptised 16/10/1883

Catherine Pursglove [924] married Joseph Pearsall on 3/8/1885

1871 Census: Outram Street (RG10, 3586, 65, page12)
Thomas Pursglove [2669], head, 36, born Ironville, Model Maker
Louisa Pursglove, wife, 33, born Ironville
Edwin Pursglove, son, 10, born Ripley, Scholar
Mary Pursglove, daughter, 8, born Ripley, Scholar
William Thomas Pursglove, son, 3, born Ripley, Scholar
Annie E. Pursglove, daughter, 5 mth. born Ripley

1871 Census: Outram Street (RG10, 3586, 67, page12)
Samuel Pursglove, head, 30, born Alfreton, Pupil Teacher
Lydia Pursglove, wife, 28, born Ripley
Hannah C. Pursglove, daughter, 8, born Ripley, Scholar
Mary Ann Pursglove, daughter, 5, born Ripley, Scholar
Catherine Pursglove, daughter, 2, born Ripley
Thomas Thornaby, father in law, 67, born Bradley, Agricultural Labourer

1881 Census: Outram Street, (roll 3414, folio 83, page 12)
David Pursglove, head, 27, born Green Hill Lane, Derby, Coal miner
Mary Pursglove, wife, 27, born Ripley
Samuel Pursglove, 4,Green Hill Lane, Derby, Coal miner
Joseph, Pursglove, 1, born Ripley

1881 Census: Outram Street, (roll 3414, folio 84, page 13)
Elizabeth Pursglove, head, 68, born at Normanton
Joseph Pursglove, son, 36, born at Green Hill Lane, Derby, Coal miner
Hannah Pursglove, 18, born Ripley, Domestic servant

1881 Cesus Strays:  Berristow Place, (roll 3314, folio 46, page 40)
William Pursglove, head, 38, born at Riddings, Coal Miner
Eliza Pursglove, wife, 37, born at Greenhill Lane, Derby
Samuel Pursglove, 13, born at Ripley, Coal Miner
Elizabeth Pursglove, 9, born at Ripley
William Pursglove, 7, born at Ripley
David Pursglove, 5, born at Ripley
Eliza A. Pursglove, 2, born at Ripley

1881 Cesus Strays:  Dronfield (roll 3444 folio 94 page 35)
Thomas Purseglove [2669], 46, M, Head, born at Ironville
Louisa Purseglove, 43, F, Wife, born at Ironville
Mary Purseglove, 18, F, Dau, born at Ripley
William Purseglove, 12, M, Son, born at Ripley
Annie E. Purseglove, 10, F, Dau, born at Ripley
George H. Purseglove, 6, M, Son, born at Dronfield
Thomas was a model maker at the iron works
Moved to Workington, Cumberland with closure of the Wilson Cammell Steel Works in 1883.



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