The Pursgloves of Scarcliffe - [SCAR]

Scarcliffe with Palterton (a nearby small hamlet) is recorded in Domesday.  This is an agricultural community and farming has been the dominant industry throughout.  The village stands on the source of the River Poulter and much of the surrounding land is owned by the Chatsworth Estate.  The village developed along an ancient route from Lincoln across the Peak District, but modern roads have altered the routes and it now sits at right angles to the main Mansfield to Sheffield Road.

The parish church of St Leonard was built in the 12th century.  The spire was removed during the restoration of 1842.


Paul Cartlidge, of Bolsover, married Anne Purseglove [938], of Scarcliffe at Church Broughton on 27/5/1740

John  Pursglove [940] married Ann Brough on 8/3/1819

Thomas Pursglove (Case 10 Apr 1830 - 7 Jan 1831) had been sent to Scarcliffe from Widdial in Hertfordshire by order from Hertford Quarter Sessions.  At a Scarcliffe vestry meeting to deal with this situation it was decided to appeal against the order.  Scarcliffe won the appeal and the Pursglove family was returned to Widdial.  The cost of returning this family was nearly 70 in fees and expenses.  This was a significant sum of money, but much less than the cost of keeping this family and all of their children as paupers.
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Wyddial is north of Buntingford, near Stevenage.



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