The Pursgloves of Shirland - [SHRL]

St Leonards Church is the parish church for Shirland which was founded in 1220, and local records exist from 1086.  The village is in the Amber Valley and in modern times it is part of an urban complex with the local villages of Higham, Stonebroom and Stretton.

The local economy was built on agriculture and framework knitting. With the sinking of a mine shaft at Shirland Colliery off Pit Lane to the south of the village  in 1864, the economic base of the village shifted.  There is no trace of the colliery site today.

Churchyard Burials

Thomas Pursglove  [944] (1774?-? ) of South 'Winfield' married Sarah Gothard (miss-spelt Goddard on the IGI ) on 28 Sep 1789
John Pursglove (b. 9 June 1791)- married Frances Wood in 1813
Samuel Pursglove (b. 9 November 1809)- married Elizabeth Darlington
Thomas came from South Wingfield to marry Sarah at Shirland Parish Church.  The entry of baptism for John is smudged and though the month reads June, the word could be Janr.
Samuel Married Elizabeth Darlington and later Emigrated to the United States of America taking up work in the coal mines of West Virginia.

John Pursglove  [946] (1791-1876) married Frances Wood (1786-1853 ) on 31 August 1813
Thomas Pursglove (b.7/1/1815) - Married Elizabeth Tomlinson in 1841
Robert Pursglove (b.1818) - Married Mary ? having children Richard, James and Fanny.
Richard Pursglove (b.1820)
Sarah Pursglove (b.1824 - d.1850)
Mary Pursglove (b.9/1826) - Married Samuel Shaw in 1854, Samuel was a Framework Knitter.

1835 Derby Assizes: Luke Burnham of South Normanton, contracted to John Pursglove of Shirland to drain the coal pit at Shirland, left employment before the contract was completed.  Removed to the House of Correction in Derby.

The will of John Pursglove [946] Proved at Derby on 25 Apr 1876 for effects under 100. John Pursglove, Framework Knitter of Shirland died 18 August 1874 at Shirland.  William Butterworth of New Market in the parish of Clay Cross was a coal miner and one of the executors.

The 1841 Census shows no Pursgloves in Shirland.  This may be due to the families being absent from the village, or to them not being counted at the time.  This Census was known to be incomplete.

Thomas Pursglove [949] married Elizabeth Tomlinson at St Michaels, Ashton Under Lyne on 5 Oct 1841
Fanny Pursglove (b.1844)
William Pursglove (b.1848)
Sarah Pursglove (b.1851)
Eliza Pursglove (b.1853)
John Pursglove (b.12/1858) - married Hannah Whitehead in 1879
Thomas Pursglove (b.1860) - married Arabella ? having children William H. and Thomas
Emma Jane Pursglove (b.1860)
Susannah Pursglove (b.1861) married Alfred Hardy

Susannah Pursglove  [963] married Alfred Hardy (widower from Stonebroom) on 18/11/1878
Alfred Hardy (born 15/3/1870 bapt.31/7/1870) son of Alfred and Lavinia Hardy
Matilda (Tilly)Hardy (born 9/8/1867 bapt. 10/12/1882) daughter of Alfred and Lavinia Hardy

Albert Hardy (bapt. 13/12/1878)
Ernest Hardy (born 16/7/1880)
Ethel Hardy (bapt. 14/12/1890)
Harry Hardy (bapt. 14/12/1890)
Mabel Hardy (bapt. 14/12/1890)
John William Hardy (bapt. 14/12/1890)
James Christopher Hardy (bapt. 6/8/1893)

John Pursglove [960] (1858-?) married Hannah Whitehead ( ) in 1879
Daniel Pursglove, baptised 1881 at Shirland
Lilly Pursglove, born 1883 at Shirland - married Isaac Hawkins in 1905
Elizabeth Pursglove, baptised 26/08/1888 at Shirland - married Henry Pearson in 1915 at Mansfield, Notts.
Edith Pursglove, born in 1887 at Shirland - married George Peat having children, Arthur, Lesley and George.
John William Pursglove (b.?) , baptised in 1890 at Shirland - married Mary Peat at Mansfield, Notts.

David Pursglove [89] (1783-?) married Sarah Burton ( ) on 1 August 1808
Hannah Pursglove (b.1809)
Thomas Pursglove (b.1816)
David Pursglove (b.1824) (check Alfreton 30/9/1824?)
David was an Ironstone Getter in 1839 and lived at Alfreton in Derbyshire.

Robert Pursglove [950] (1818-?) married Mary ? ( ) in 1843
Richard Pursglove (b.1844)
James Pursglove (b.1846) - married Fanny ? And had children Mary A, Fanny, Thomas and Joseph.
Fanny Pursglove
Samuel Pursglove (b.1851) - married Elizabeth Wheeldon and had children Mary and Sarah.
David Pursglove
Mary Pursglove (b.1861)
Emily Pursglove (b.1861)

Mary Pursglove [953] (1826-?) married Samuel Shaw( ) in 1854
Samuel was 23 when they were married and his father was George Shaw, a Framework Knitter.

Samuel Pursglove [947] married Elizabeth Darlington
Samuel Pursglove - Married Lydia Thornley
      The family moved to Ripley, Derbyshire (1871 census)
Members of this family migrated to the USA in the great depression.

1861 Census: Shirland (RG9, 2526, 19, 94)
John Pursglove, Head, Widow, 70, Farmer of 16 acres, born Shirland
Thomas Pursglove, Son, Married, 45, Salt Dealer, born Shirland
Elizabeth Pursglove, Daur in law, 40, born Hanley, Staffordshire
Eliza Pursglove Gr Daur, 7, born Shirland
Thomas Pursglove, Gr Son, 4, Scholar, born Shirland
John Pursglove, Gr Son, 2, born Shirland
Ann Jane, Gr Daur, 1, born Shirland

1881 Census: New Building land, (roll 3429, folio 15, page 24)
John Pursglove, head, 22, born Shirland, Coal Miner
Hannah Pursglove, wife, 25, born Maxey, Northampton
Daniel Pursglove, son, 1 mth, born Shirland

1881 Census: New Building land, (roll 3429, folio 17, page 27)
John Newberry, head, 38, born Leicester, Coal miner
Sarah Newberry, wife, 30, born Shirland
Elizabeth A. Pursglove, dau, 9, born Shirland
Anne Pursglove, dau, 7, born Shirland
Ellen Pursglove, dau, 5, born Shirland
Mary A. Newberry, dau, 2, born Shirland
Charles H. Newberry, son, 11 mth, born Shirland
Charles H Bramley, boarder, 22, born Codnor park
Emma Bramley, boarder, 21, born Shirland
Sarah A. Bramley, boarder, 3 mth, born Shirland

1881 Census: New Building land, (roll 3429, folio 18, page 30)
Thomas Pursglove, head, 25, born Shirland, Coal Miner
Isabella Pursglove, wife, 30, born Pentrich
William H. Pursglove, 2, born Shirland
Thomas Pursglove, 5 mth, born Shirland

1881 Census Strays: Chapel Street, Hucknall under Huthwaite, Notts, (roll 3316, folio 138, page 29)
David Pursglove, head, 24, born at Shirland, Derbys, Coal Miner
Sarah Ann Pursglove, wife, 30, born at Hucknall, Huth
Martha Emma Pursglove, 6, born at Hucknall, Huth
Mary Hannah Pursglove, 5, born at Hucknall, Huth
Emma Wilson, sister in law,32, born at Hucknall, Huth, Seamer of Hose
Joseph Milnes Wilson, nephew, 11 mth, born at Eckington, Derbys

1881 Census Strays: 9 King Street, Alfreton,  (roll 3418 folio 29 page 50)
Thomas Marshal, widow, 22, born at Shirland, Labourer at Iron Works
Louisa Pursglove, Step daur, 20, born at Ironville

1881 Census Strays: Bedlam Yard, Wessington, (roll 3429, folio 112, page 6)
James Pursglove, head, 34, born Shirland, Coal Miner
Fanny Pursglove, wife, 34, born Wessington, Framework seamstress
Mary A. Pursglove, 9, born Wessington
Thomas Pursglove, 6, born Wessington
Joseph Pursglove, 9 mth, born Wessington

1881 Census Strays: 20 Friday Yard, Wessington, (roll 3429, folio 116, page 14)
Samuel Pursglove, head, 27, born Shirland,  Coal Miner
Elizabeth Pursglove, wife, 28, born South Wingfield
John Wheeldon, S son, 10, born South Wingfield
Matilda Wheeldon, S dau, 6, born South Wingfield
Mary Pursglove, dau, 3, born South Wingfield
Sarah Pursglove, dau, 2, born South Wingfield

1901 Census: (RG13, 3244, 72, 38)
John Pursglove, head, m, 43, coal miner worker, Born Shirland.
Hannah Pursglove, wife, m, 46, born Maxey, Peterborough.
Daniel Pursglove, son, s, 20, coal miner worker, Born Shirland.
Lilly Pursglove, daughter, s, 17 (could be 14) Born Blackwell.
Elizabeth Pursglove, daughter, s, 12, Born Shirland.
John Pursglove, son, s, 11, Born Shirland.
Richard Whitehead, border, s, 34, coal miner worker, Born Maxey.



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