Pursgloves of Tideswell - [TIDE]

Tideswell is situated in Millers Dale within the Peak District National Park.  It is a fine town, just south of the A624 between Chesterfield and Manchester.

Some of the earliest documented evidence of Pursgloves come from this town, with its most famous son being Robert Pursglove, who was bishop of Guisborough and later Bishop of Hull.

The surrounding settlements are to the north; Little Hucklow and Great Hucklow, to the east; Litton, Foolow, Grindon and Wardlow, to the south; Cressbrook, Millers Dale and Wormhill, and to the West; Wheston, Tunstead and Peak Forest.

Richard Pursglove, Inquest of Knights Fees - 2/1431
Richard had holdings in Tideswell in the 1400's

William Pursglove, vicar of Tideswell under Henry VI - 1441
St John the Baptist, recorded on the rolls as William Pursgloves

Thomas Pursglove, juror, 1442
Thomas Pursglove - commisionary court of London, 1447

William Purseglove, juror, under Edward IV - 1471
William Purseglove of Tideswell - brother to Bishop Pursglove - 1475

Robert Purseglove of Tideswell - 1500

John Pursglove, charged with possessing bow and arrows in the forest - 1505

Henry Pursglove, presented at Litton for assault - 1508

Adam Pursglove [1162] married Mudwina Bradshaw of Tideswell
Alice (married Edward Eyre)
Robert [1169] (1504-1580 Bishop of Guisborough, Hull and Tideswell)

This part of the family is documented, but many of the Church records were lost in the Civil War and the following 50 years cannot be traced by documentation.
There is a Pursglove Brass in Tideswell Parish Church
Bishop Pursglove of Tideswell by Martin F H Hulbert. ISBN 0-90523305-0-4

Sheffield Archives: Quitclaim Bag C/2005 14 Nov 1567
Robert Nedham of Bentlye (co. Derby) quitclaims Elizabeth Nedeham, widow, his mother, and Robert Pursglove of Wheston, in the parish of Tyddiswall, yeoman, of all actions, etc., between them.

Derbyshire Wills: Proved at London 28 May 1571 by Justin KYDD, notary public [PROB 11/53, q. 23]
EYRE, Thomas, Tiddeswall, gentleman, 11 Sep 1570.
mentions farm in Wheston, farm called Gresse Dale; wife Grace EYRE*; daughter Margaret MARSHALL, cousin Thomas LONGESTONE; cousin Roland EYRE of Hassoppe; sister Elizabeth BLACKWALL and Robert BLACKWALL her son; cousin Judith LONGESTONE and cousin Anne Longestone her sister; tenant Lawrence TORE 'my land and farm in Wheston which he now holds of me'; brother Henry EYRE of London 'shall have his farm of Bradfilde...' cousin Anne PARKER; niece Johane (brother Raphe EYRE's daughter); Johane FELTHOUSE '10 stone of wool'; servant Raphe MARTIN; (servant?) Henry WATTES; cousin John EYRE of Lychefeld 'a gold ring'; cousin Fraunces BLACKEWALL; cousin Anne SHEMELTE (brother Edmond EYRE's daughter); cousin William PARKER; cousin Thomas EYRE 'my taffeta doublet and my best pair of black hose' John SMYTH 'my frieze coat and brown pair of hose' Richard CHOLSON 'my frieze jerkin'; William FILDESEND vicar of Tiddiswall;
Supervisors: brother[-in-law] George BLACKWALL, cousin Roland EYRE of Hassoppe and William FILDESENDE vicar of Tyddiswall,
Witnesses: Robert PURSGLOVE priest, William FILDESENDE vicar of Tyddeswall, George BLACKWALL, George VERNON and John COCKE.
Debts owing: Raphe MARTIN.

Richard Pursglove [1324] of Tideswell married Mary Hanson of Silkstone 1626 (near Pontefract, Yorkshire)
      Paver's Marriage Licences for the Year 1626 - Bishops Transcripts and Marriage registers not extant at Wakefield

1946 World War Two Memorial, Wardlow Village Church
Joseph Pursglove



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