The Pursgloves of Wessington - [WESS]

is the Domesday spelling for this village.  In Anglo-Saxon it interprets as 'water town' or 'marshy place'.  It was also called Washington before it settled on its present name.  The village is on the main route along the Amber Valley.

This community developed on mixed farming and framework knitting.  More recently it has been a dormitory village for nearby coal mines.

Mary Pursglove [1180], buried 16/2/1869 at Christchurch, Wessington (age not known)

Robert Pursglove [1181], buried 2/6/1872 at Christchurch, Wessington, aged 56

Joseph Pursglove, son of James [1182] and Frances, bapt. 17/12/1890
Thomas Pursglove, son of James and Frances, bapt. 17/12/1890

1881 Census: Bedlam Yard, (roll 3429, folio 112, page 6)
James Pursglove [1182], head, 34, born Shirland, Coal Miner
Fanny Pursglove, wife, 34, born Wessington, Framework seamstress
Mary A. Pursglove, 9, born Wessington
Thomas Pursglove, 6, born Wessington
Joseph Pursglove, 9 mth, born Wessington

1881 Census: 20 Friday Yard, (roll 3429, folio 116, page 14)
Samuel Pursglove, head, 27, born Shirland,  Coal Miner
Elizabeth Pursglove, wife, 28, born South Wingfield
John Wheeldon, S son, 10, born South Wingfield
Matilda Wheeldon, S dau, 6, born South Wingfield
Mary Pursglove, dau, 3, born South Wingfield
Sarah Pursglove, dau, 2, born South Wingfield

1891 Census: Friday Yard (RG12, 2759, 105, page 135)
James Pursglove [1182], head, 45, born Shirland, Chimney Sweep
Fanny Pursglove, wife, 44, born Wessington
Thomas Pursglove, son, 17, born Wessington, Coal Miner
Joseph Pursglove, son, 10, Scholar (probably born in Wessington)

James Pursglove [1182], buried 12/11/1898 at Christchurch, Wessington, aged 52

1901 Census: Brick Yard (House), Wessington (RG13, 3245, 89, 9, 48)
Elizabeth Cresswell, Head, Widow, 58, Farmer and Brickmaker, Employer, born South Wingfield, Derbyshire
John Cresswell, Son, 14, born Wessington, Derbyshire
Edith Pursglove, Servant, Single, 14, Domestic, born Shirland, Derbyshire
Hannah Knomles, Domestic, 52, Char Woman, born Norfolk

1901 Census: Wessington (RG13, 3245, 95 , 21, 123)
Thomas Pursglove [1185], Head, Married, 26, Coal Miner, Hewer, Worker, born Wessington, Derbyshire
Sarah Ann Pursglove, Wife, Married, 27, born Wessington, Derbyshire
Edith May Pursglove, Daur, 5, born Wessington, Derbyshire
Thomas Oliver Pursglove, Son, 2, born Wessington, Derbyshire

1901 Census: Wessington (RG13, 3245, 95 , 22, 131)
Fanny Pursglove [1183], Head, Widow, 54, Laundress, worker, born Wessington, Derbyshire
Joseph Pursglove, Son, Single, 20, Coal Miner, Hewer, worker, born Wessington, Derbyshire

Fanny Pursglove [1183], buried 29/9/1909 aged 64, at Christchurch, Wessington

Nottingham Probate, 5 May 1954: Thomas Pursglove [1185] of 23 Park Street, Wessington, Derbyshire, died 21 Feb 1954.  To Edward Robinson, Farmer and William Alfred Pollard, Hosiery Knitter, Effects 257 15s.


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