The Pursgloves of Willington - [WILL]

Wilintun, "Farm amongst willow trees" is an old village built as an agricultural settlement on the flood plane of the River Trent on the North Bank.  By the 1770's this was the limit of navigation along the Trent and Willington had a small port at this time.

In 1839 a bridge was constructed across the Trent to Repton giving a better crossing than the ancient pathway at Swarkstone.  Willington Power Station was built in 1957 (A) followed by a second station (B) a few years later, as coal fired stations. (A) closed in 1994 and (B) closed in 1999.


John Purslo [1194], of Mickleover, married Mary Dawes, of this parish 24 May 1725



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