The Pursgloves of Cheshire


John Pursglouffe married Alis Garsyde on 15 Aug 1635 at Mottram in Longdendale.
Ann Pursglove, daughter of John Pursglove, baptized 4 Jun 1636 at Mottram in Longdendale.

Thomas Pursglove married Margaret Sutton on 9 Jan 1825 at Runcorn.

1841 Census: Thornsett, Cheshire (Folio 28, page 12)
Hannah Pursglove, 55, Independent, born in county
Joseph Pursglove, 14, Roller tester, born in county

1841 Census: Spinner Bottom, Thornsett, Cheshire (Folio 26, page 9)
John Pursglove, 20, Block Printer, born in county

Anne Purselove, daughter of Reuben and Mary Purselove, baptized 22 Jul 1855 at Disley, St. Mary.

1881 Census: Daniel Lane, Romiley, Cheshire (roll 3465, folio 155, page 27)
John Swindells, head, 30, born at Romiley, Cheshire, farmer of 7 acres
Ann Swindells, wife, 25, born at Romiley, Cheshire
James B Swindells, son, 4, born at Romiley, Cheshire
Mary Swindells, dau, born at Romiley, Cheshire
William Swindells, son, born at Romiley, Cheshire
Reuben Pursglove, Father in Law, 72, born at Edale, Derbys, coal carter

1881 Census: 11 Hovily Brow, Hyde, Cheshire (roll 3468, folio 16, page 26)
George E. Pursglove, head, 72, born at Kinder, Derbys, Joiner and cabinet maker
Nancy Ann Pursglove, wife, 49, born at Mottram, Cheshire
George Harry Pursglove, son, 11, born at Hyde, Cheshire
Mary Brown Shaw, visitor, 42, born at Mottram, Cheshire (of no occupation)

1881 Census: 71 Back Lane, Hyde, Cheshire (roll 3465, folio 64, page 13)
William Pursglove, head, 47, born at Hayfield, Derbyshire, Stone Mason
Catherine Pursglove, wife, 42, born at Hayfield, Derbyshire
Elizabeth Pursglove, dau, 13, born at Hayfield, Derbyshire
Margaret Pursglove, dau, 10, born at Hayfield, Derbyshire
Martha Pursglove, dau, 8, born at Hayfield, Derbyshire
Ruth Pursglove, dau, 5, born at Hayfield, Derbyshire

1901 Census: 4 High Bank, Godley, Cheshire (RG13, 3792, 162, 2, 7)
William Pursglove, Head, Married, 30, Blacksmiths striker, worker, born Findley, Yorkshire
Annette Pursglove, Wife, Married, 37, Case Form Hand, Cotton Mill, worker, born Romily Cheshire
Ruth Pursglove, Daur, Single, 8, born Romily Cheshire

1901 Census: 6 Top Row, Godley, Cheshire (RG13, 3792, 163, 3, 15)
John Pursglove, Head, Married, 39, Brewers Drayman, worker, born Hayfield, Derbyshire
Sarah Pursglove, Wife, Married, 42, born Newton Cheshire
Sarah H Pursglove, Daur, Single, 14, Cotton Weaver, worker, born Newton Cheshire
George Pursglove, Son, Single, 11, born Newton Cheshire
Fred Pursglove, Son, Single, 6, born Godley, Cheshire
Amy Pursglove, Daur, Single, 3, born Godley, Cheshire
Robert Woolley, Boarder, Single, 40, Carter at Margarine Works, worker, born Newton, Cheshire

1920 Great War Memorial, Congleton
T Pursglove
C Pursglove




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