The Pursgloves of Basford - [BAFD]

It is likely that the name Basford comes from the French "le bas ford" - Lower Ford.  This is  divided into Old Basford and New Basford, a largely Victorian conurbation, situated on the River Lean, a tributary of the River Trent.

The Basford Parish became part of Nottingham in 1897 and is now essentially a commuter belt area for the city.  The parish church is St Leodegarius.


1891 Census Strays: 170 Chiltern Street, Newington, Hull (RG12, 3918, 44, 35, 238)
Ebenezer Pursglove [2776], Head, Married, 39, Engine Driver, born Barnsley, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Pursglove, Wife, Married, 25, born Easington, Yorkshire
William Pursglove, Son, Single, 12, Scholar, born Doncaster, Yorkshire
Richard, Pursglove, Son, Single, 10, Scholar, born Doncaster, Yorkshire
Tom Pursglove, Son, Single, 8, Scholar, born Carlton, Nottingham
Nellie Pursglove, Daur, Single, 6, Scholar, born Carlton, Nottingham
Ben Pursglove, Son, Single, 4, Scholar, born Carlton, Nottingham
Fred Pursglove, Son, Single, 2, born Hull, Yorkshire
Hepatia Pursglove, Daur, Single, 7 mths, born Easington, Yorkshire

1901 Census: 93 North Gate, New Basford, Nottingham (RG13, 3188, 72, 88, 223)
Thomas York, Head, Married, 44, Railway Engine Driver, born Manchester
Caroline York, Wife, Married, 44, born Doncaster, Yorkshire
John York, Son, Single, 19, Daysalters labourer, born Carlton, Nottingham
Ebenezer Pursglove [2776], Boarder, Married, 48, Railway Engine Driver, born Barnsley, Yorkshire



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