MRS P. WRIGHT : Obituary

Published in the on 24 February 2010 (Distributed in Mansfield)

MRS P. WRIGHT (Church Warsop)

Life-long local resident Mrs Phyllis Wright (93), of Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop, was cremated at Mansfield after a service at Warsop Parish Church. During the service ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ was sung by Cantamus singer and family friend Miss Abigail Broughton.
Born and educated at Mansfield Woodhouse, housewife Mrs Wright loved being with her family and enjoyed baking, walking and watching television.
Mrs Wright, who died at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton, leaves her two sons, Fredrick and David, two daughters, Brenda and Susan, four grandchildren — Gary, Stephen, David and Darren — and one great-granddaughter, Kellie.

Mourners were Mrs B. Robinson, Mr and Mrs F. Wright, Mr D. Wright; Mrs J. Townsend ( representing Mrs J. Ashton), Mr and Mrs G. Robinson, Mr S. Robinson, Mr and Mrs D. Wright, Mr D. Wright, Miss K. Wright, Miss J. Vickers, Mrs J. Eddington; Mr J. Eddington (representing Master D. Eddington), Miss E. Eddington, Master M. Eddington; Mrs F. Smith (representing Mr and Mrs A. Walters), Mr and Mrs E. Reynolds); Mrs B. Smith (representing Mr A. Smith), Mr J. Davis, Mrs J. Spence, Mr and Mrs K. Davis, Mr P. Purseglove; Mr M. Purseglove (representing family), Mr and Mrs A. Eaton, Mr and Mrs J. Holiday, Mrs T. Broughton, Miss A. Broughton, Miss V. Broughton; Mr and Mrs D. Robinson (representing family), Mr and Mrs M. Walker, Mr and Mrs B. Robinson, Mr and Mrs H. Wright; Mr and Mrs M. Foreman (representing family), Mr and Mrs J. Proud, Mr C. Fritchley, Mr S. Wheatley, Mr and Mrs A. Lee, Mr and Mrs C. Widdowson; Mrs B. Kowalski (representing family), Mr and Mrs T. Smith; Mr K. Roberts (representing J. Pembleton), N. Langton, Rev I. Winstanley; Mr and Mrs R. Bailey (representing Miss S. Bailey and Miss R. Bailey), Mr and Mrs G. Tolson, Mr T. Broughton, Miss G. Parkin, Miss C. Devonshire, Mrs S. Cotterill, Mr S. Barker, Mrs B. Barker, Mr S. Brecknock, Mr and Mrs B. Graves, Miss A. Broughton.

Floral tributes were from the immediate family. Donations received from family and friends are for District Nurses.
The service was conducted by the Rev P. Lawlor, and arrangements were by G. A. Townroe & Son.