John Pursglove

Baptised 25th December 1858
Married Hannah Whitehead on 25th December 1879

This photograph which was printed in 1910 shows John and Hannah with three of their children.  Probably Edith, Eliza and John.  This Photograph was taken by M. Fox of Mansfield at 85 Layton Avenue.




John Pursglove married Alice Whitehead on 25/12/1879
Daniel Pursglove
Lilly Pursglove
Edith Pursglove
Elizabeth Pursglove
John William Pursglove

John was a collier and his sons Daniel and John William also worked as colliers in the local mines.  The family moved from Shirland for Mansfield Woodhouse to work in the Nottinghamshire Coal Fields at Sherwood Colliery.  John William met and married Mary Peat of Mansfield Woodhouse, moving to Church Warsop in the 1920's to work at Warsop Main Colliery.

1911 Census RG14/PN20277 RG78/PN1215  RD428/SD1/ED4/SN41
59 Portland Street, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield, Notts.

Pursglove, John,  Head,  Married,  Male,  52,  Coal Miner Hewer, born Shirland Derbyshire
Pursglove, Hannah. Wife, Married, Female,  55,  born Maxey, Northamptonshire
Pursglove, Daniel,  Son,  Single,  Male,  30,  Coal Miner Hewer, Coal Miner Hewer, born Shirland Derbyshire
Pursglove, Elizabeth,  Daughter, Female,  22,  born Shirland Derbyshire
Pursglove, John,  Son, Male,  21,  Coal Miner Hewer, born Shirland Derbyshire