The Pursgloves of Wellow - [WELW]

The manors of Wellow and Grimston (now a deserted village site) were served by the 12th Century church of St Swithin.  The village still has rights of stallage to hold a market and fair on St Swithins day and the village Maypole still stands and is in use today.  A Norman castle once stood at this village.

The village was established when Cistercian monks settled in Rufford in 1145.  The villagers were 'bought out' and resettled at the George Dyke to establish Wellow Village.


George Pursglove [1585] married Mary Turner on 26/11/1761
Elizabeth Pursglove, daughter of George and Mary, bapt. 13/3/1763
Ann Purseglove, daughter of George and Mary, bapt. 29/1/1764
George Pursglove, son of George Pursglove, bapt. 29/3/1771
William Pursglove, son of George and Mary, bapt. 14/9/1794

Mary Pursglove [1591] (age 16) married Thomas Wombell on 12/1/1779




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