Pursgloves in Brownsville, Pennsylvania

In the 1760's there was a settlement called Redstone Fort.  A British fort was constructed around 1765 and this was known as Fort Burd. A borough in Fayette County, the modern town was founded in 1785 on the Monongahela River south of Pittsburgh by Thomas Brown, after whom it is named.  The town was a hub for river transport which was the main  transit method until the arrival of the railways in 1850.  Local coal mines provided fuel for the riverboats and the trains and also produced coke for the local steel works.

Brownsville, Christ Church shown

Samuel Pursglove [906] married Lydia Thornley [907] (b.1844?) on 1/6/1961
Hannah Elizabeth Pursglove (b.10/5/1863 at Ripley, Derbyshire.)
Mary Ann Pursglove (b.24/9/1865 at Ripley )
Joseph Pursglove (b.12/7/1877 at Ripley) - married Vira Criswell in Clerksberry, West Virginia, U.S.A.
   Samuel Pursglove senior died 8 Nov 1912 at St Clairsville, Richland Township, Belmont County aged 72 of Pulmonary Heart Disease. 
   He was buried in Union Cemetery St. Clairsville on 10 Nov 1912.

US Census 1900, Pennsylvania, Washington County, West Brownsville Borough, 2-4 June 1900,  (114, 17, 141, 5)
House Family Name Relation Race Age Sex Birthplace Parents Birthplace Immn years Occupation Residence
79 92 Pursglove Samuel Head W 59 M England England 1881 19 Coal Operator Pa
    Pursglove Lillian Wife W 57 F England England 1881 19   Pa
    Pursglove Samuel Son W 25 M England England 1881 19 Superintendent Tippler Pa
    Pursglove Joseph Son W 22 M England England 1881 19 Riverman "Caol Works" Pa
    Pursglove Thomas Son W 28 M England England 1881 19 Coal Miner Pa
    Pursglove David Son W 19 M England England 1881 19 Coal Miner Pa
    Pursglove Annie Daur W 16 F Pennsylvania England       Pa

1910 US Census: Brownsville, Washington, Pennsylvania (21, 253, 2B)
David Pursglove, Head, Male, White, 37, Married, born England, 1880 Naturalized, Taskmaster
Emma E Pursglove, Wife, Female, White, 39, Married, born Pennsylvania, None
Charles W Pursglove, Son, Male, White, 12, born Pennsylvania, None
Ollie McMillen, Brother in Law, Male, White, 28, Married, born Pennsylvania, Engineer

1910 US Census: Brownsville, Washington, Pennsylvania (22, 2, 11B)
Samuel Pursglove, Head, Male, White, 42, Married, born England, 1880 Naturalized, Gard Master - Railroad
Alice Pursglove, Wife, Female, White, 42, born Pennsylvania, None
Farnsworth Pursglove, Son, Male, White, 17, Single, born Pennsylvania, Brakeman - Railroad
Josaphine Pursglove, Daughter, Female, White, 16, born Pennsylvania, Labeller - Distillery
Blanch Pursglove, Daughter, Female, White, 14, Single, born Pennsylvania, None
Hazel Pursglove, Daughter, Female, White, 12, Single, born Pennsylvania, None


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