Pursgloves in Clarksbugh, West Virginia

Originally a small settlers camp in 1764 on the West Fork River, Clarksburg was established in 1785, named after General George R. Clark.  Roads were built in 1831-1836 when the Northwest Turnpike (Route 50) was finished.  Railways arrived in 1856 and the population growth became significant in the modern development of the city.

Trinity Methodist Church shown.

Samuel Pursglove [906] married Lydia Thornley [907] (b.1844?)
Hannah Elizabeth Pursglove (b.10/5/1863 at Ripley, Derbyshire.)
Mary Ann Pursglove (b.24/9/1865 at Ripley )
Catherine Pursglove (b.1869 at Belper)
Elizabeth Pursglove (b.1872 at Ripley)
Samuel Pursglove (b. 1875 at Ripley)
Joseph Pursglove (b.12/7/1877 at Ripley) - married Vira Criswell in "Clerksberry", West Virginia, U.S.A.
Thomas Pursglove (b. 1879 at Riplay)
   Samuel Pursglove senior died 8 Nov 1912 at St Clairsville, Richland Township, Belmont County aged 72 of Pulmonary Heart Disease. 
   He was buried in Union Cemetery St. Clairsville on 10 Nov 1912.

Joseph Pursglove [910] married Vira Genevra Criswell [911] in 1901
Ruth Pursglove (b.31/10/1902) married Ralph Boughton
Vira P Pursglove (b.1903)
Mary Pursglove (b.14/4/1904) married Parker Spinney
Joseph Pursglove (b.3/8/1909) married Josephine Lester
Richard Pursglove (b.28/6/1911 Cleveland, Cayhoga County, Ohio) married Hattie Fite
Constance Pursglove (b.14/8/1915)

Joseph Pursglove [914] married Josephine Lester [926]
Paul David Pursglove

Richard Pursglove [915] married Hattie M. Fite [928]
Hattie Jo Pursglove
Samuel Richard Pursglove
Susan Marie Pursglove
Sarah Ellen Pursglove
Joseph II Pursglove

Richard Pursglove [915] (d. Nov 1991), Cape Coral, Lee County Florida.


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