The Pursgloves of Buxted - [BUXD]

Originally this settlement was called Bochs stede (Place of the Beeches) in Saxon times.  The modern village has incorporated the settlements of Five Ash Down, High Hurstwood and Herons Ghyll.  At the end of the 15th century, Buxted was had iron making economy.  The first cast iron canon was cast here in 1543, significantly improving military armaments at that time.  In modern times, the village has prospered from poultry and egg production.

There are the two churches of St Margarets and St Marys in Buxted and the parish has a third church of Holy Trinity at High Hurstwood.

Ansley Killick Purslove [1754] married Alfred Eade Felwick on 2 Feb 1856

1861 Census: Buxted Street, Buxted, Sussex. (RG9, ?, 577, 2, 17)
Samuel Pursglove [2073], Head, Married, age 44, Farmer of 150 acres Innkeeper 4 men and 2 boys, born Sussex, Wartling
Ansley Pursglove, Wife, Married, age 42, born Sussex, Rotherfield
William Pursglove, Son, Un.,age 17, Farmers son, born Sussex, Mayfield
Samuel Pursglove, Son, Un., age 15, Scholar, born Sussex, Mayfield
Eliza Pursglove, Daughter, Un., age 12, Scholar, Sussex, Waldron
Eliza E Keldwick, Grand Daughter, age 1, born Sussex, Buxted
Sarah Willard, Servant, Un., age 21, General Servant, born Sussex, Maresfield
Laban Curd, Servant, Un., age 14, Easter Boy, born Sussex, Buxted

Eliza Pursglove married Benjamin Budgen Corke on 16 Jul 1867

1871 Census: Buxted Street, Buxted, Sussex (RG10, ?, 1054, 19, 34)
Samuel Pursglove [2073], Head, Married, age 54, Farmer & Inn Keeper 154 acres to farm 1 Dray, born Sussex Wartling.
Ansley Pursglove, Wife, Married, age 51, . born Sussex Rotherfield.
Samuel Pursglove, Son, Unm, age 24, Shopeman Grocer and Draper, born Sussex Mayfield.
Sarah Martin, Servant, Unm, age 18, General Servant, born Sussex Rotherfield.
Henry ****, Servant, Unm, age 14, Farm Labourer, born (*** Marditon).
Frederick ****, Servant, age 17, Farm Labourer, born Sussex (Ringaner)

1881 Census: Buxted Hotel, Buxted St, Buxted, Sussex. (RG11, ?, 1054, 17l, 3)
Samuel Purseglove [2073], Head, married, age 64, Innkeeper and Farmer of 150 acres, born Worthing, Sussex
Ansley Purseglove, Wife, married, age 61, born Rotherfield, Sussex.
Elizabeth Frost, Servant, unmarried, age 19 General Domestic Servant, born Mayfield, Sussex.
Elizabeth Koit, Servant, unmarried, age 25 General Domestic Servant, born Rotherfield, Sussex.
Samuel Purseglove, Son, unmarried, age 34, Master Butcher, born Mayfield, Sussex.
James Cole, boarder, widower, age 84, retired Innkeeper, born Rotherfield, Sussex.
Samuel Purseglove employed 8 men and 1 boy on his business as a farmer of 150 acres

1881 Census: 2 Totease Road, Park View, Buxted, Sussex. (RG11, ?,  1054, 19, 8)
William Purseglove
[1771] , Head, married, age 37, Farmer, out of business, born Mayfield, Sussex.
Emma Purseglove, Wife, married, age 37, born Maresfield, Sussex.
William T. Purseglove, Son, age 11, scholar, born Barcombe, Sussex.
Florence M. Purseglove, Daughter, age 9, scholar, born Frant, Sussex.
Walter S. Purseglove, Son, age 8, scholar, born Frant, Sussex.
Emma Purseglove, Daughter, age 6, scholar, born Frant, Sussex.
Alice Purseglove, Daughter, age 4, born Frant, Sussex.
Percy Purseglove, Son, age 1, born Frant, Sussex,
Ada Purseglove, Daughter, age 2mths, born Buxted, Sussex.

William Pursglove [1771] married Emma Avery at Barcombe on 12 Aug 1869
William Thomas Pursglove, bapt 27 Mar 1870 at Barcombe
Florence Mary Pursglove, born 1872, baptized 18 Feb 1872 at Frant
Walter Pursglove, born 1873 at Frant
Emma Pursglove, baptized 2 Sep 1874 at Frant
Emma Pursglove, born 1875, baptized 10 Dec 1876 at Frant
Alice Pursglove, bapt 1877 at Frant
Percy Pursglove, born 1879 at Frant
Ada Pursglove, born 1881 at Buxted

1901 Census: Town Green, Buxted, Sussex (RG13, 902, 18, 10, 66)
William T Pursglove [1173], Head, Married, 31, Grocer, Shopkeeper, Employer, born Barcombe, Sussex
Frances L Pursglove, Wife, Married, 34, born Maresfield, Sussex
William S Pursglove, Son, 4, born Buxted, Sussex
Maynard Pursglove, Son, 2, born Buxted, Sussex
Stanley Pursglove, Son, 1, born Buxted, Sussex
Ada Pursglove, Sister, Single, 20, born Buxted, Sussex
Elizabeth Noakes, Servant, Single, 15, Housemaid, Domestic, worker, born Buxted, Sussex
William C Tyrrel, Servant, married, 52, Grocers Assistant, worker, born Sandhurst, Kent



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