The Pursgloves of Herstmonceux - [HMNX]

Herstmonceux is named from the Woodland (hyrst) of the Monceux family.  It includes the ancient settlements of Cowbeech, Stunts Green and Flowers Green as well as part of Windmill Hill.  The town includes Hersmonceux Castle and the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

All Saints church overlooks the castle and it was built originally in the 12th century.

Sarah Pursglove bapt. at Herstmonceux 1688
Sarah was buried at Herstmonceux aged 79

John Pursglove [46] married Ann Bradder at Ashover on  21/4/1691
John Pursglove married Mary Lancaster at Bodium on 16 Aug 1724
Thomas Pursglove buried 3/12/1744
Anne Pursglove (b.26/3/1693), buried at Herstmonceux in 1744 - will 26/7/1745 proved 2/10/1745
Elizabeth Pursglove born at Herstmonceux 1698 or 99 married Frances Gibb
Robert Pursglove ( -buried 14/2/1695)
Matthew Pursglove ( -buried 14/2/1695)
Mary Pursglove ( -buried 2/4/1696)
Robert Pursglove (b.01/08/1697) married Elizabeth Heathfield at Bodiam on 8 Jan 1724.
   John and Ann  Pursglove moved to Herstmonceux in Sussex
(An Ann Bridder was born on 4/9/1657)
   Will of John administered 22/8/1719, of "Horns" Herstmonceux, Inventory 165 4/- 0d

John Pursglove, son of John and Elizabeth, bapt. at Herstmonceux 16/2/1702
Elizabeth Pursglove, daughter of John of Herstmonceux - 27/4/1707

"More than a few years since vis in the Summer of 1712 when the fence was repaired the workmen sinking hole to fit post in was hindered by something solid like a rock, but casting out the earth clean found the obstacle to be artificial, being informed of the novelty, gave order that it should be uncovered and sent to Herstmonceux for one Purceglove an ingenious engineer (who had formerly been employed in the mines in the Northern Counties) who with his instrument bored through the pavement and in many places of the ground about it, which he found full of foundations."
   Contributions Towards the History of Eastbourne, G. F. Chambers.
   Sussex Archaeological Collection Vol.14, 1882, Pages 119 to 137

John Pursglove [1693] married Mary Lancaster at Bodium on 16 Aug 1724
Mary Lancaster was also known as Mary Dicker, this may have been a previous maiden name.
John Pursglove bapt. 6/6/1727 died 1791
Robert Pursglove bapt. 13/12/1729 bur. 27/3/1812 married Hannah Ticehurst on 8/4/1779
Richard Pursglove bapt. 29/10/1732 died 1/3/1811 married Mary Mayo in 1781
Mary Pursglove bapt. 25/10/1725, bur. 9/9/1811

Robert Pursglove [54] of Ashover married Elizabeth Heathfield at Bodiam on 8 Jan 1724.
Elizabeth Pursglove bapt. 7/12/1725 married William Hollands
Anne Pursglove daughter of Robert and Elizabeth of Herstmonceux bapt. 2/11/1730 bur. 29/12/1730?
Robert Pursglove bapt. 2/11/1730 bur. 10/11/1730
Robert Pursglove bapt. 19/11/1732, died 1791 married Sarah Ticehurst on 23/12/1760 at Herstmonceux
Sarah Pursglove bapt 14/1/1735

Thomas Pursglove, farmer and blacksmith, buried on 2/12/1744

Sussex Marriage Licences: Robert Pursglove [1696] of Herstmonceux, yeoman, bachelor, aged 30 and upds., and Hannah Ticehurst of same, spinster, aged 30 and upds.: Bondsmen, said R. P. and John Smith of Ringmer, yeoman. 3/4/1779 (Lewes)

Robert Pursglove [1706] married Sarah Ticehurst on 23/12/1760
Robert Pursglove bapt. 8/10/1761 bur. 4/8/1764
John Pursglove bapt. 16/9/1763 died 26/1/1838, married Hannah Hoad on 8/6/1789 at Lewes and Frances Smith on 1/6/1805 at Lewes
Sarah Pursglove bapt. 18/7/1766

Sussex Marriage Licences: John Pursglove [1720] of Herstmonceux, glazier, widower, aged 40 and upds., and Fanny Smith of same, spinster aged 25 and Upds.: bondsmen and J. P. and Thomas Parker of Herstmonceux, builder. 1/6/1805 (Lewes)  - Married at hersmonseux on 4 Jun 1805.

John Pursglove [1727] married Mary Harmer about 1825 at St Leonards, Hastings
Mary Pursglove, daughter of John and Mary Pursglove, born 27 Feb 1826, baptized 16 Apr 1826 at Herstmonceux Independent.
John Henry Pursglove, son of John and Mary Pursglove, born 6 Mar 1828, baptized 25 Dec 1828 at Herstmonceux Independent.
George Frederic Pursglove, son of John and Mary Pursglove, baptized 28 Mar 1830 at Herstmonceux Independent.
George Married Annie Bowell at Finsbury 7 Sep 1876, they moved to live at Islington
Alfred Thomas Pursglove, son of John and Mary Pursglove, born 13 Mar 1832, baptized 7 Jan 1833 at Herstmonceux Independent,  married Orpha Dann
Edwin Pursglove, son of John and Mary Pursglove, born 21 Dec 1833, baptized 12 Feb 1834 at Herstmonceux Independent.
   Edwin married Charlotte Hook of Islington
William Pursglove, son of John and Mary Pursglove, born 14 Dec 1835, baptized 6 Feb 1836 at Herstmonceux Independent.

Sussex Marriage Licences: Robert Pursglove [1728] of Herstmonceux aged 26 and upds., and Sophia Morris of South Malling, aged 28 and upds.: bondsmen, said R. P. and Charles Wartling. 10/4/1819 (Lewes)

Robert Pursglove [1728] married Sophia Morris on 20 Apr1819 at Herstmonceux.
Mary Ann Morris Pursglove born 9 Jan1820, baptized 31 Mar 1820 at Herstmonceux Independent.
Sophia Morris was christened about 1780 and died in 1828.  She was the daughter of John Morris (1744-1822) and Mary Boys (1754-1791) of South Malling
Robert Pursglove, widower, married Hannah Mannington in 1834

Sussex Marriage Licences: Richard Pursglove [1713] of Herstmonceux aged 30 and upds., and Sarah Button <sic> of same, spinster aged 20 and upds.: (Herstmonceux Church) 23/11/1826 (Lewes)

Richard Pursglove [1713] married Sarah Burton on 23/11/1826 at Herstmonceux Church
Charlotte Pursglove born 1826 at Herstmonceux, married ? Payne
Sarah Burton (or Button) was born at Crowhurst in 1793 and was buried on 28/2/1870
Richard Pursglove aged 30, was a gamekeeper at the Old Court, Herstmonceux (Yeoman) to Thomas Kemp esq. 29/8/1870

Hannah Pursglove [1748] married James Morris on 4 Nov 1830 at Herstmonceux Independent.

Sussex Marriage Licences: Robert Pursglove [1728] of Herstmonceux, gent., widow and Hannah Mannington of All Saints, Lewis, spinster aged 21 and upds., (All Saints, Church, Lewes) 4/1/1834 (Lewes)

1841 Census: Church Road (HO 107, 1105, 12, 1)
Richard Pursglove, 50, Bailiff, born in county
Sarah Pursglove, 40, born in county

1841 Census: Church Road (HO 107, 1105, 12, 1)
Robert Pursglove, 45, Farmer, born in county
Hannah Pursglove, 40, born in county
Mary Ann Pursglove, 20, born in county
Samuel Pursglove, 4, born in county
Elizabeth Wanham, 15, Farm Servant, born in county

Albert (Alfred) Thomas Pursglove [1736] married Orpha Dann married at Hailsham, East Sussex, June Quarter 1857
Albert Pursglove born 1858 at Herstmonceux (baptized Alfred Pursglove), married Lucy Stokes
Mary Pursglove born 1859 at Herstmonceux
Ann Pursglove born 1861 at Herstmonceux
Ellen Pursglove born 1863 at Herstmonceux
Isabella Pursglove born 1866 at Herstmonceux
Emily Pursglove born 1870 at Hailsham, Sussex
Edwin Pursglove born 1873 at Ashburnham, Sussex
Lois Pursglove born 1875 at Ashburnham, Sussex
Ellen married her first cousin, Alfred John Harmer.
NOTE: Orpha Pursglove had 11 children - the children shown here are where documents have been recorded
Pat Docking has information on this family - Isabella, the 5th child of Orpha married John Robinson.
Isabella had 2 daughters, the eldest, Isabella Annie married William Clarke.  They had 8 children in Canada, Around Vancouver BC.

Edwin Pursglove [1737] married Charlotte Hook of Islington
   Edwin and Charlotte moved to Islington, London
Mary Ann Pursglove born 26/5/1860
Elizabeth Lucy Pursglove born 1867
Selina Ann Pursglove born 1869
Edwin James Pursglove born 1871 married Rose Hammond
Emma Caroline Pursglove born 1874

Mary Pursglove [1733] married Cornelius Harmer in 1861 at Battle
Alfred John Harmer
Jessie Eliza Harmer
Katherine Grace Nora Harmer
Oliver Harriet Harmer
Jane Harmer
   Cornelius was married in 1850 to Elizabeth Press



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