The Pursgloves of Hollington - [HOLN]

Hollington is now a suburb of Hastings which developed around the Hollington Stream, running down into Hastings.

The church of St John the Evangelist served the community.  This church was built in 1865

1881 Census: Victoria Inn, Hollington, Sussex. (RG11, ?, 1032, 20, 34)
John Pursglove, Head,  Married, age 54, Licenced Victualler, born  Hurstmonceux, Sussex, England
Jemima Pursglove, Wife, Married, age 48, born Eastbourn, Sussex, England
Elizabeth Bartholemew Unmarried, age 13, born Hungerford, Berkshire, England

1881 Census: Horthlands, Hollington, Sussex   (RG11, 1031, 95, 25, 112)
Ann Lash, Head, Unmarried, 59, Fund holder, born Hoxton Middlesex
Eliza Lash, Sister, Unmarried, 58, Fund Holder, born Hoxton Middlesex
Mary Pursglove, Servant, Unmarried, 22, Cook Domestic, born Hurstmonceux, Sussex
Isabella Pursglove, Servant, Unmarried, 15, Housemaid, born Hurstmonceux, Sussex

1881 Census: Castleham, Hollington, Sussex. (RG11, 1031, 98, 31, 143)
Albert Pursglove [1736], Head, Married, 49,Under Gardener, Domestic, born Hurstmonceux, Sussex, England
Orpha Pursglove, Wife, Married, 45,born Hurstmonceux, Sussex, England
Emily Pursglove, Daughter, 11, scholar, born Hailsham, Sussex, England
Edwin Pursglove, Son, 8, scholar, born Ashburnham, Sussex, England
Lois Pursglove, Daughter, 6, scholar, born, Ashburnham, Sussex, England

Albert Pursglove [1757] married Lucy Stokes at St Johns Church, Hollington on 26 Oct 1881
Edwin Thomas Pursglove, son, married Gertrude may Watts in 1915, at Westwell, Kent.

1901 Census: 2 Yew Tree Cottages, Hollington,Sussex (RG13, 875, 107, 31, 166)
Albert Thomas Pursglove [1736], Head, married, 69, Gardener, Domestic, born Herstmonceux, Sussex
Orpah Pursglove, Wife, 65, married, born Herstmonceux, Sussex
Herbert M Pursglove, Son, Single, 19, Town Caster, Carpentry, born Hastings, Sussex

1901 Census Strays: Hadlow Down, Mayfield, Sussex (RG13, 898, 47, 12, 62)
Edwin Pursglove, Head, Married, 28, Police Constable, born Ashburnham, Sussex
Emma Pursglove, Wife, Married, 30, born Mountfield, Sussex
Edwin Pursglove, Son, 5, born Lewes, Suffolk
Emily Pursglove, Niece, Single, 16, Kitchen maid, Domestic, born Hoillington, Sussex

1911 Census - 1 Yew Tree Cottages, Old Church Road, Hollington (RG14; Piece: 4784; Schedule Number: 117)
Albert Thomas Pursglove [1736], Head, married, 79, Old Age Pensioner, born Herstmonceux, Sussex
Orpah Pursglove, Wife, 75, married, Old Age Pensioner, born Herstmonceux, Sussex




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