The Pursgloves of Lewes - [LEWE]

Known to be a prehistoric crossing point on the River Ouse , this town has been under Roman and Norman occupation. Lewes is now the administrative centre for the county of East Sussex.  In 1846, Lewes became a local railway junction and this started the modern development of the town.

Kings church is on the east side of the river and St Anne's church is on the west side of the river.  All Saints is an old parish, which survives as a church hall and community centre.

John Pursglove [1720] married Hannah Hoad [1723] on 8/6/1789
Sarah Pursglove bapt. 20/5/1790 bur. 26/1/1795
Hannah Pursglove bapt. ?/9/1794
Mary Pursglove bapt. 2/9/1786 married Cornelius Harmer in 1861
John Pursglove bapt. 17/9/1778 died 29/7/1876 married Mary Harmer at St Leonards, Hastings
Robert Pursglove bapt. 1792 died 1870 married Sophia Morris on 10/4/1819 age 26
Hannah Pursglove (nee Hoad) bur. 21/12/1803
John Pursglove [1720]
married Frances Smith [1722] on 1/6/1805 at Lewes
Jabez Pursglove bapt. 10/11/1813, living in 1841
John Pursglove was a glazier aged 40 when he married for the second time.  Fanny Smith was 25.

Henry Pursglove [1714] married Mary Ann Akenhurst on 28 Nov 1817 at Lewes, All Saints.

Sussex Marriage Licences: Robert Pursglove [1728] of Herstmonceaux, gent., widow and Hannah Mannington of All Saints, Lewis, spinster aged 21 and upds., (All Saints, Church, Lewes) 4/1/1834 (Lewes)

Robert Pursglove [1728] (widower) married Hannah Mannington at Lewes All Saints on 17 Jan 1834 (licence date 4/1/1834)
Samuel Pursglove born 31/7/1836 died 30/11/1890 at Buxted.
Samuel Parsglove, son of Robert and Hannah Parsglove, baptized 25 Sep 1836 at Herstmonceaux Independent.
Note by Richard Gilbert from Charles Wille's diary 4 Mar 1870 (see also 7th)

"Robert Pursglove died"  (source - Dick Gilbert 20/2/2001)




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