The Pursgloves of Danby in Cleveland - [DANC]

Danebia (Danby Forest) was a settlement in the Danby Forest encompasses the hamlets of Dale (Danby End), Frehope (Little Fryup), Arnethorpe (Ainthorpe) and the small market town of Castleton.  Danby is on the River Esk, near the head of Eskdale.

St Hilda's church was built in the 15th Century on a Saxon church site.  It has records from 1585.  The Methodist Chapel was erected in 1811 and the Manse was added in 1857.

Dorothy Pursglove daughter of William Pursglove [1226], baptised 5/3/1637
Mary Pursglove daughter of William Pursglove, baptised 5/3/1637
William Pursglove, son of William Pursglove, baptised 6/6/1639

Dorothy Pursglove, daughter of Richard Pursglove [1230], baptised 13/12/1640
Mary Pursglove, daughter of Richard Pursglove, baptised 17/3/1644
Maria Pursglove, daughter of Richard - 15/3/1646

Mary Pursglove [1234] married Edward Robinson on 17/3/1670 (IGI entry)
Mary Pursglove [1234] married Edward Robinson on 17/3/1671 (IGI entry)

Elizabeth Pursglove, daughter of John Pursglove [1236], born 24/8/1702
Margaret Pursglove, daughter of John Pursglove, born 15/10/1706

Robert Purseglove [1239] of Danby married Rachel Unthank on 18/2/1739
Robert and Rachel moved to Norfolk around 1741
Robert Pursglove, born 20 Oct 1741 (Society of Friends Register, Norwich 990/67)
George Pursglove, born  4 Apr 1746 (Society of Friends Register, Norwich 990/68)
Joseph Pursglove, born 5 Sep 1748   (Society of Friends Register, Norwich 990/74)
Mary Pursglove, born 5 Mar 1752 or 1754 - entry is smudged (Society of Friends Register, Norwich 990/73)



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