The Pursgloves of Fylingdales - [FYLS]

Figelinge was a small village in the 11th century and the local parish includes the settlements at Thorpe, Fylingthorpe and Robin Hood's Bay.  St Stephen's church was built in 1821, on the site of an old Saxon chapel.

Fylingdales Flying Club, which became RAF Fylingdales, moved out of the village onto the Moors.  It is a long way from its original village site, but retains the Fylingdales name.

Hannah Pursglove, daughter of William [1241], baptised 20/9/1741
Sabel Pursglove, daughter of William, baptised 11/8/1745
Elizabeth Pursglove, daughter of William, baptised 19/6/1748

Jane Parsglove [1245] married John Barry on 20/10/1748

Sarah Purslow [1247] married John Estill on 23/1/1763

Elizabeth Purslove [1244] married Thomas Hill on 19/11/1766

Dinah Pursglove [1250] married William Eskdale on 30/6/1776



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