The Pursgloves of Pontefract - [PONT]

The name is Latin for Broken Bridge.  There is no entry in Domesday, but the settlement was recorded as Pontefracto in 1090.  It is thought that the bridge was originally across the Wash Dyke.  This is positioned on an old Roman road.  The Normans built a castle here before 1086.

This town has been a market town since the Middle Ages and its sandy soil, which is ideal for growing Liquorice has made it a centre for the sweet industry.  The local speciality is Pontefract cake, a liquorice sweet.

All Saints church was built in the 14th Century, though there is a record of a Saxon church on the site prior to the Norman Conquest.

Richard Pursglove [1324]
of Tideswell married Mary Hanson of Silkstone 1626 (near Pontefract, Yorkshire)
      Paver's Marriage Licences for the Year 1626 - Bishops Transcripts and Marriage registers not extant at Wakefield

Hannah Purslove [1326] married Tempest Pollard on 27/2/1804

Harriott Purslove, daughter of Thomas Purslove [1328] and Elizabeth, baptised 14/9/1803
Hannah Purslove, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, baptised 5/6/1805
Joseph Pursglove, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, baptised 20/5/1807
John Pursglove, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, baptised 2/7/1813

Mary Purslove, daughter of John [1334] and Jane Purslove, baptised 16/7/1802
John Lambert Purslove, son of John and Jane, baptised 28/10/1807

William Pursglove [1338] married Fanny Walker on 20/12/1808

Mary Purselove [1340] married John Barker on 23/5/1832

Elizabeth Purselove [1342] married John Ryder on 19/4/1827

Maria Purslove [1344] married John Cheesbrough on 17/5/1837



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