The Pursgloves of Rotherham - [ROTH]

Old English for Farm on the Rother (Chief River), Rotherham was a key market town in Saxon times, occupying both banks of the River Rother at the confluence with the River Don.  The site is close to a Roman ford over the Don.

The Minster which is dedicated to All Saints was founded in the 12th century.  In the 1480's, the Archbishop of York, Thomas Rotherham, founded a school here.  In the 18th century Rotherham developed into an Iron and Steel town specialising in castings.  Glass works, grain milling and more recently, aircraft component manufacture have been key industries.


John Pursglove [1349] married Ann Wright on 3/8/1567

Thomas Purslove [1351] married Alice Westby on 5/10/1713
   Thomas and Alice moved to Barnsley

Dorothy Purslove [1353] married Thomas Wiggins on 6/5/1722

Thomas Pursglove [1355] married Maria Fox on 19/4/1830

Hannah Pursglove [1357] married Walter Scopes on 21/11/1882 at Rotherham Registry Office
Hannah was the daughter of the late George Pursglove, coal miner of 77 Midland Road, Rotherham.

1911 Census Stray: 589 Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham, Yorks (RG15, 28055, 511, 141,13)
Walter Pursglove, Head, 38, Married, Colliery Deputy below ground, born Rawmarsh, Yorks
Lizzie Pursglove, Wife, 43, Married 17 years, born Hyland Common, Yorks
William Large, Stepson, 21, single, Colliery Lamp Cleaner above ground, born Rotherham, Yorks
Herbert Large, Stepson, 18, single, Collery Haulage Hand, below ground, born Rotherham, Yorks
Charles Walter Pursglove, Son, 8, single, born born Rotherham, Yorks
  Lizzie was the daughter of William Cox.  She married William Large who died in 1892 leaving two sons.

1911 Census: 5 Sayles Yard, Howard Street, Rotherham (RG15, 511, 2, 6, 145 )
Charles Pursglove [2747], Head, 40, Married, Coal Miner, Hewer, born Rawmarsh, Yorkshire
Emma Pursglove, Wife, 38, Married, born Kilnhurst, Yorkshire
Matilda Pursglove, Daur, 17, born Kilnhurst, Yorkshire
William Pursglove, Son, 15, Pony Driver, born Kilnhurst, Yorkshire
David Pursglove, Son, 12, born Swinton, Yorkshire
Florance, Pursglove, Daur, 9, born Rawmarsh, Yorkshire
Miriam Pursglove, Daur, 7, born Rawmarsh, Yorkshire
Emma Pursglove, Daur, 5, born Rawmarsh, Yorkshire
Ada Pursglove, Daur, 3, born Rotherham, Yorkshire
Charles Pursglove, Son, 2 wks, born Rawmarsh, Yorkshire

1920 Great War Memorial, Rotherham
W Pursglove



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