The Pursgloves of the Sheffield area - [SHEF]

The name Sheffield is derived from the Old English 'Shethfeld' which was an Anglo-Saxon settlement at the confluence of the Rivers Don and Sheaf.

Sheffield Castle was built by the Normans to house a garrison which was there to control the Saxons in the North East.  A town and then the City developed around this garrison.  By the 14th Century the town was noted for its production of Knives.  It is now noted for cutlery production and, until recently, for steel production.  Sheffield was heavily bombed during the second world war.

The Cathedral at Sheffield was dedicated to Saint Peter.  Intake All Saints is shown right.

Sheffield Archives: Quitclaim Bag C/2005 14 Nov 1567
Robert Nedham of Bentlye (co. Derby) quitclaims Elizabeth Nedeham, widow, his mother, and Robert Pursglove of Wheston, in the parish of Tyddiswall, yeoman, of all actions, etc., between them.

Maria Pursglove daughter of Richard [1362], baptised at Sheffield St Peters on 16/8/1627
Maria Pursglove, daughter of Richi, baptised at Sheffield St Peters 6/10/1630 (IGI 14/10/1627)
Josias Pursglove, son of Richi, baptised at Sheffield St Peters on 6/10/1629/30

Radi Pursglove [1366] married Anna Bradley in March 1638? (IGI  Radus Pursglove 24/9/1638)
Radus Pursglove son of Anna Bradley baptised at Sheffield St Peters 24/9/1629
Robert Pursglove, son of Radi - September 1633 (IGI Robtus Pursglove 23/3/1634)
Sara Pursglove, daughter of Radi, babtised at St Peters on 26/3/1636 (IGI 25/3/1636)
Radus Pursglove, son of Radi - 20/10/1639 at St Peter
Anna Pursglove, daughter of Radi, babtised at St Peters on 23/5/1641
George Pursglove, son of Radi, baptised at Sheffield St Peters on 12/3/1643
Maria Pursglove, daughter of Radi, baptised 15/3/1646 at St Peter
Mattheus Pursglove, son of Radi, baptised 31/10/1647 at St Peter

Randolph Pursglove [1376] married Helena Dent on 29/7/1629

Richard Pursglove, son of John [1378] baptised at Shefield St Peters on 21/2/1629 (IGI 21/2/1630)
Thomas Pursglove son of John baptised 12/2/1632 at St Peter
William Pursglove, son of John - 5/1/1633 at St Peter

Ann Pursglove [1367], will administered at Beighton on 10/10/1649

Sarah Pursglove, daughter of Richard [1383], baptised at St Peters on 17/8/1656 (IGI recorded as birth)
Ann Pursglove, daughter of Richard baptised 4/6/1663 at St Peters
Elizabeth Pursglove - Richard - buried 13/4/1766
  The relationship of these individuals is unclear.

Thomasin Pursglove [1385] married Nicholas Thompson on 2/11/1658 
(IGI first entry Thomasin Pursglove 24/11/1648  second entry Tomasin Purslove 24/11/1658)

Robert Pursglove, son of Ralph [1387] buried in February 1659

Richard Purslove married Katherine Bullock at St Peter on 3/7/1666
John Pursglove, son of Richard, 28/4/1667
James Pursglove, son of Richard, 28/4/1667
Johes Pursglove, son of Richard, 28/4/1667 (IGI entry)

Rosa Pursglove [1396] married John Straw in March 1681

Cath Purslove [1398] married Jo Hussey at St Peters on 29/4/1685

Ann Purslove [1400] married Stephen Ward at St Peters on 1/8/1686

Joseph Pursglove [456] of Ashover married Elizabeth Chantry of Dronfield, 1693 [Bishops Transcripts]
   Joseph and Elizabeth were married at Dronfield and Banns were recorded in Ashover

Rosa Pursglove [1404] married John Shaw on 20/1/1695 (IGI Rose Pursglove 20/6/1695)

Ann Pursglove [1406] married Robert Wilson on 24/5/1696
Thomas Memmot was present as a relative at their marriage.

Ruth Pursglove [1408] married Jeremiah Beek or Beete on 5/10/1697 at St Peter
relative - Thomas L Jones of Sheffield

Godfrey Pursloe [1410] married Anne Offerton on 6/12/1708
John Purslove, son of Godfrey, baptised 17/10/1712 at St Peter
Hanah Purslove baptised at St Peter on 18/3/1716
Rosamond Purslove, baptised at St Peter, 6/4/1718

Sarah Purslove [1415] married Richard Sykes of Sheffield at St Peter on 21/12/1713

Elizabeth Purslove [1417] married Richard Dean on 16/5/1716

John Pursglove, son of John [1419], baptised on 29/7/1737
Mary Purselove, daughter of John, baptised 9/11/1739
Joseph Purslove, son of John, baptised 25/2/1742 at St Peter
Elizabeth Purslove, daughter of John Purslove, Baptised at St Peter on 29/6/1745

Anne Purslove [1424] married John Machan at St Peter on 3/6/1739

Hannah Purslove [1426] married Joseph Spooner on 29/12/1748 at St Peter

Mary Purslove [1428] married Isaiah Kemp at St Peter on 22/10/1759

John Purslove, son of Joseph [1430], baptised at St Paul on 5/8/1768
Mary Pursglove, daughter of Jos. baptised 31/1/1771

Elizabeth Purslove [1433] married John Boulton at St Peter on 5/5/1776

John Pursglove [1435] married Hannah Webster at St Peter on 2/10/1813

Rebecca Purselove [1437] married Issac Spurr at St Peter on 22/12/1816

A---- Purslove [1439] married Robert Yeardley at Sheffield St Peter on 15/4/1818

1867: Sheffield Marriages Jan-Mar  9c 299
Harry Pursglove [2806] married Sarah Ellen Goddard

1871 Census: Sheffield Barracks (RG10, 4665, 121, 29, 25)
Ebenezer Pursglove [2776], Unmarried, 18, Soldier, born Doncaster, Yorkshire

1891 Census Strays: 5 Rigg Street, Gorton, Lancashire (RG12, 3175, 101, 40, 247)
Emma Pursglove, Head, Widow, 53, born Retford, Nottinghamshire
Eliza E Pursglove, Daur, Single, 22, Confectioner, born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Georgiana Pursglove, Daur, Single, 18, Sewing Machinist, born Gorton, Lancashire
William H Pursglove, Son, Single, 16, Apprentice Engine Fitter, born Gorton, Lancashire

1901 Census: Brightside, Bierlow, Sheffield (RG13, 4374, 27, 4, 22)
William J Pursglove [2672], Head, Married, 32, Mechanical Draughtsman, born Ripley, Derbyshire
Edith M Pursglove, Wife, Married, 33, born Workington, Cumbria
Bessie V Pursglove, Daur, 7, born Workington, Cumbria
Amy Pursglove, Daur, 5, born Workington, Cumbria
  William was the son of Thomas and Louisa Pursglove of Ironville, Derbyshire, who moved their family to Cumbria for work.

1901 Census Stray: 12 Taylor Street, Gorton, Lancs (RG13, 3689, 34, 19, 108)
Emma Pursglove, Head, Widow, 56, born Lound, Nottinghamshire
Eliza Emily Pursglove, Daur, Single, 32, Baker and Confectioner, Worker, born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Georgina Pursglove, Daur, Single, 28, Dress Maker, Own Occupation, born Gorton, Lancashire

1901 Census Strays: 13 Wonder Street, Wakefield, Yorkshire (RG13, 4286, 49, 10, 51)
Harry Pursglove [2806], Head, Married, 34, Cooper Journeyman, worker, born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Sarah Helen Pursglove, Wife, 38, born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Sarah Elizabeth Pursglove, Daur, Single, 17, Bottle Washer, worker, born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Thomas Pursglove, Son, Single,16, Nipper on Railway, worker, born Sheffield, Yorkshire
George Pursglove, Son, Single, 14, Wool Weaver, worker, born Goole, Yorkshire
Harry Pursglove, Son, Single, 12, born Goole, Yorkshire
Frank Pursglove, Son, Single, 10, born Goole, Yorkshire
Lily Pursglove, Daur, Single, 8, born Goole, Yorkshire
Florence Pursglove, Daur, 3, born Goole, Yorkshire
Rachel Edwards, Visitor, Single, 67, born Gainsborough

Passenger List: SS Cedric - sailing from Liverpool 6 Aug 1910 to the USA
Number Surname First Name Age Sex Status Occupation Home Residence Destination
24 Pursglove Miss Edith Mary 40 F married Housewife English Sheffield PW Pliala Philadelphia
25 Pursglove Miss Bessie 17 F single Spinster English Sheffield Philadelphia
26 Pursglove Miss Amy 15 F single Spinster English Sheffield Philadelphia
27 Pursglove Miss Edith Louise 7 F single child   English Sheffield Philadelphia

Next of Kin:  Mother, Mrs S. M. Birkett, 37 Burngrieve Rd., Pittsmoor, Sheffield, UK


Passenger List: Franconia - sailing from Liverpool 6 Jun 1912 to the USA
Number Surname First Name Age Sex Status Occupation Home Residence Destination
29 Pursglove Carrie B 34 F married Houeswife Sheffield Stuartville, Ohio
30 Pursglove Lottie Ann 14 F single Student   Stuartville, Ohio

Next of Kin:  Mother, Sarah Littlewood, 17 Kemberly St., Attercliffe, Sheffield, UK


London Probate, 16 Apr 1956: Douglas Pursglove of 114 Valley Road, Heeley, Sheffield, died 5 Nov 1955.  To Louisa Pursglove, Widow, Effects 1768 6s. 1d.

London Probate, 19 Aug 1964: Louisa Pursglove (otherwise Loule) of 107 Low Edges Crescent, Greenhill, Sheffield, Widow, died 12 Mar 1964.  To Charles Herbert Buttery, Post Office Regional Welfare Officer, 845.




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