The Pursgloves of Silkstone - [SKST]

Silkstone "Silcstun" is thought to derive from the Old English for Silc's Farmstead.  The village also includes Silkstone Common.

The church of All Saints dates to the  12th century and was referred to locally as the Minster of the Moors.  The village was developed around it with a strong agricultural base.  Pottery and glasswork industries date back to the 17th century and by the 19th century this was a coal mining village.  Huskar Colliery shaft was sunk at Silkstone Common.  Hall Royd and West Silkstone Collieries were also mining in the village.


Mary Mirfin Purslove, daughter of Joseph Purslove [1448], baptised 6/11/1754
   Joseph and Mary lived at Stanton by Tickhill

Mary Mirfin Purslove [2111] married William Wasteneys on 3/11/1777



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