The Pursgloves of Whitby - [WHIT]

Whitby is located on the North Yorkshire coast.  It is a fishing port with a harbour at the mouth of the River Esk.  A Christian Abbey was founded here in 656 AD by Oswy, the  king of Northumbria.  in the 9th century the settlement was called Hwitebi, a Norse word meaning "White Settlement".

Whaling, herring fishing, alum mining and jet jewellery were the industrial backbone of this modern town. It is also the home of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'.

Records of some of the Pursgloves were kept in the Doncaster Central Library in 1989 - also Whitby Parish Registers, Sheffield Parish Registers, Yorkshire Archaeological Society (Clarendon Road, Leeds LS2 9NZ)  IGI entries are included in brackets if they conflict with other sources.

Robert, son of Robert Pursglove buried at Lythe in October 1616

George Pursglove - change of forename by deed pole from Francis Pursglove 24/6/1619

Mary Pursglove, daughter of Daniel [1210] and Elizabeth baptised at Lythe near Whitby 10/12/1627
  Elizabeth Hole came from Leeds and married Daniel Pursglove at Aberford in 1625

Robert Pursglove, son of Robert Pursglove [1467], baptised 10/12/1627 at Lythe

John Pursglove [1473] married Dorothie Ripley on 1/10/1628

William Pursglove, son of William [1475] - 22/1/1628
Andrew Pursglove, son of William, baptised 2/2/1629 (IGI 2/2/1630)
John Pursglove, son of William, baptised 6/2/1632

Hellene Pursglove [1479] married Leonard Wignener on 1/5/1632 (IGI)

Christopher Pursglove, son of John [1481] of Lythe - 20/11/1634
John Pursglove, son of John of Lythe, baptised 20/1/1638
Dorytie Pursglove, daughter of John of Lythe - 25/12/1642

Dorothie Pursglove [1485] married Allan Smalwood at Lythe on 21/1/1639 by license.

Jane Purslay, daughter of Robart Purslay [1487], baptised 2/8/1640
Anne Pursglove, daughter of Robert baptised 5/1641

Daniel Pursglove, son of John Pursglove [1490] of Ellerby - 16/5/1647 (IGI Daniell Pursglove)

Allan Pursglove, male, (son of William Pursglove [1492]) christened at Lythe on 18/7/1649 (IGI - Allon Pursglove)

Grace Pursglove [1494] married Samuel Wainman at Lythe on 15/9/1650

John Pursglove [1490] of Ellerby - Buried 12/11/1667

Dority Pursglove [1484] married Richard Marsingaile at Lythe on 17/2/1669

Dority Pursglove [1484] of Barnby - buried 28/3/1672

Jane Pursglove [1497] married John Dickinson in January 1671

Christopher Purseglove [1482] married Mary Radcliffe on 27/2/1672
John Pursglove, son of Christopher of Lythe - 15/1/1673
Christopher Purslove, son of Christopher,  baptised 1/5/1676

William Pursglove of Ellerby buried 2/11/1676

Elizabeth Pursglove [1502] married John Webster at Lythe on 30/1/1682

William Pursglove of Ellerby buried 29/10/1717

Jane Purseglove [1505] married Henry Baker on 16/5/1756

Ann Purseglove [1507] married Leonard Ingledeu on 8/12/1761

Mary Purslove [1509] married William Holforth on 23/11/1772

Philip Pursglove [1512] married Mary on 13/6/1772
William Pursglove, son of Philip and Mary, baptised 30/9/1772
Thomas Purseglove, son of Philip and Mary, baptised 3/3/1776

Jane Pursglove of Ellerby - buried 18/3/1673

Hannah Purseglove [1516] married William Ward on 13/3/1775

William Pursglove [1518] married Esther Storer on 23/5/1826

William Pursglove died at Gromont Cottage, near Whitby on 9th November 1858, aged 86 years.
    Malton Messenger, 13 Nov 1858, Births, Marriages and Deaths Page.



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